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I will admit, I have been living a very privileged life. I’ve visited many cities not only around the country but around the world. But the truth is, and not to sound cliche, there’s no place like home. Philadelphia has always held a special place in my heart. From the food to the people along with the history and culture. I can’t get enough of Philly which is why I so excited to share with you this mini city guide of Philadelphia.

Every time I travel and meet someone new, people ask me: “What do you enjoy about your city?” And each time someone asks, I feel that I have a completely different answer. This past month, one of my favorite brands to shop, Boohoo, asked me to share my Philadelphia style in coordination with Boohoo and on the way serve as a guide to show off what I enjoy about Philadelphia.


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Your favorite street and why you love it

One of my favorite streets in Philadelphia is 3rd street. On that street there are so many quaint restaurants AND that’s where all the great boutiques sit. I love shopping at various places such as the Geisha House and Sugarcube. Third street is a pretty central street in Old City and unlike many of the other streets around Philadelphia it is quieter and its a lovely place to sit outside and just relax. I’ve taken so many pictures there for shoots and each time I visit, I find a new hidden gem behind a building or down a small alley.


Boohoo City Guide Boohoo City Guide Philadelphia

The best spots to Instagram

There’s no way that I could pick just one place to Instagram. There’s the area around Independence Hall where there is so much to see when it comes to history. The area around City Hall is absolutely amazing. And then there’s the streets in Fishtown along with every other street around Philadelphia. The best thing to do is to just look. The street art and the side alleys along with the landscaping of some of the areas is especially fit for Instagram.

The best restaurants for foodies

My fiance and I are big fans of the Philadelphia restaurant weeks. There’s one for Manayunk and Center City and they all feature four course meals for an appropriate price. So, what I’m saying is that there is not just one great place to eat. I’ve eating various cuisines around the city at a variety of restaurants and bars. There Indeblu which has great Indian food. Then there’s Bank and Bourbon and Valanni which I’ve recently visited for brunch. I’ve eaten so many places and tasted so many great meals around the city and have yet to be disappointed. My advice is to go on Opentable and just pick one and then plan to do a food tour around the city.

3 things you see all the time that are unique to your city

  1. The obvious first thing that is unique to the city in Philadelphia is Independence Hall and the historic sites around. The historical libraries and the Liberty Bell. The lines to get into these places are always long, but moving. And the site to see the rich history is worth the wait.
  2. It’s not in the city, but around it…the King of Prussia Mall. KOP is the second largest mall in the US and the mall is only getting bigger. It is my one stop shopping experience when I’m ready to buy some new clothes. All the stores I shop are located in the mall and they have been adding more and more stores as of recently.
  3. Cheesesteaks! Philly is known for its cheesesteaks and the two biggest cheesesteak restaurants house themselves right across from each other – Pat’s & Gino’s. Of course, each place has its own fanbase and you have to know what you are talking about in order to order your perfect one. It’s hard for me to pick one place because I just love food so much, but I always suggest that everyone tries both places for themselves at least once.

Boohoo City Fashion

Photos by: Mosef Mosaic


Maisie Satin MA1 Bomber in Antique Rose c/o Boohoo

Evron Basic V Neck Swing Dress in Khaki c/o Boohoo

Ellie Heeled Hiker Boot c/o Boohoo

Thank you to Boohoo for partnering with me on this post. Opinions and style are 100% my own.

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