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I have to admit that one of my favorite fall activities is definitely going to vineyards and wineries with my friends or family. There’s something about putting on a light jacket, getting a cheese board and drinking a few glasses of wine that makes me extremely happy inside. As much as I love experiencing different wineries when I travel, I am also a big fan of several wineries that are close to home. I’ve explored the area around Philadelphia quite a bit, and I’m excited to share with you today my favorite wineries near Philadelphia. These spots are ones that I frequent often, and will continue to visit!

With the Fall season already upon us, you may be in between wearing something a little more warmer compared to something a little more cooler, but whenever you go, make sure you dress to sit outside. You don’t want to waste your winery experience by just sitting inside because it takes away from the experience. This season, I probably will be heading to winery for my birthday, but as I am planning for that birthday trip in a couple of months, I want to share with you a few of my favorite wineries near Philadelphia – all located within Pennsylvania and within driving distance from Philadelphia.

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Now, I will say the Chaddsford Winery is probably one of my top wineries near Philadelphia, if not my top winery near Philadelphia. They consistently have activities throughout the season, and my mom, sister, and I visit quite often. We love it!

When visiting the winery, you have the opportunity to do a traditional wine tasting inside the tasting room at their wine bar. If you want to do a wine tasting near Philadelphia, this is definitely my favorite spot. In the experience, you get a list of their most popular wines, divided by taste, and a winery glass, that you have the option to keep as a souvenir, and you stand at the bar and go through each of the wines made from top quality grapes – and if you ask nicely, they sometimes let you get a second taste if you really like the wine that you’re on.

On Fridays, they also offer small bites where you can come and get a seasonal cheese board. Now, they don’t have a menu on what they serve each Friday because it changes depending on the season. Obviously, they center their selections around what is most seasonal. And sometimes, they even allow have a food truck and a specialty drink on the outside patio which is dependent upon the activity that is going on.

Speaking of activities, you may be wondering what types of activities they have. Well, they have adult trick-or-treating, a food truck throw down, live music events, movie nights, and even small game competitions. All of the activities are listed on their website, so be sure to check it out if you’d like to take a day trip to the winery.

Then, for me, the most appealing thing that I love about this winery is their specialty wine. I am addicted to the spiced apple wine. Whenever I visit the winery, I make sure to grab, AT LEAST, three bottles to take home. But they are available to purchase in some stores and to have shipped right to you.


Stone Barn Cellars Winery is located right in my hometown. To be clearly transparent, it’s actually right down the road from the high school that I went to and is owned by the family of a one of my former classmates who I was close with in high school.

One appeal of their winery, that I love, is the authentic winery feel of the locale. When you enter into the barn, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. And then out on the deck, you can sip you wine and look out into the backyard, which makes you feel like you’re home. It’s comforting and familiar, and makes you want to come back again and again – a breath of fresh air from city life.

Unlike some of the wineries in the area, this winery offers the opportunity to have a private event – which means that if you’re searching for a room where you can host an event, you can book your bridal shower or birthday at this winery and have the barn to yourself while drinking their amazing wines.

One of my favorites wines from this winery near Philly is the Spice of Life. If you’re addicted to pumpkin spice, like many people are during the Fall season, this is the wine that you want to be drinking. You can have your pumpkin spice latte in the morning and then your pumpkin spice wine at night.


Now, if you are looking for a location to have a big event such as a wedding at a winery, the Rose Bank Winery is definitely where you want to go.

Located in Bucks County, this winery has multiple venues to host your perfect event, and then of course, you are guaranteed to have delicious wine served at your event that is made right on the premise. No need to worry about bringing in your own wines and trying to figure out what all of your guests would like. Instead, just focus on the other details of your event and enjoy the experience.

Not looking to host a private event – well, come down and enjoy their events such as painting your own wine sign or other crafty workshops that are paired with drinking their fine wine and having an amazing experience. One of the best wineries near Philadelphia, it is worth traveling miles and miles for!

My favorite wine from this location? It’s the Chocolate Orange Port. At first, I was a little hesitant to taste chocolate orange wine, but if you’re at the end of your meal and ready for dessert, this is the sweet wine that you’ll really enjoy.

If you’re looking for wineries near Philly, I cannot recommend these three wineries enough. I would argue that they are three of the best wineries in PA – they offer an overall great experience that has left me wanting to go back again and again. As I celebrate the autumn season with family and friends, I will be frequenting these wineries – I hope that you’re able to make a trip and try them out for yourself! I can guarantee, you will love them just as much as I do. They’re the perfect weekend excursion, so get out and enjoy the autumn season!

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Best Wineries Near Philadelphia
Wineries Near Philadelphia


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