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There’s no doubt that there is something magical about the changing seasons. Whether the magic is in the changing of the leaves or in the changing of clothes, the magic is in the eye of the beholder.

As a lover of fashion and a lover of the Fall season, I always enjoy seeing what Fall styles emerge at the start of the season. And living in Philly where fashion has it’s own sense, the changing of the weather has brought about various styles that is seen through every individual person that lives in and around the city.

The city of Philadelphia houses it’s own fashion. From Philly Fashion week to shopping the various local fashion boutiques in the city and the stores in the King of Prussia Mall, every person in the area is able to find pieces that fit their style.

But I’m here to also share that there is a method to dressing for the Fall season in Philly. At the start of the season, it can be 74 degrees and sunny on one day and then 62 degrees and cloudy on the next. So you always have to prepare and have your closet transitioned for the Fall season while keeping up with the Philly fashion.

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What To Wear In Philadelphia In The Fall


Over the years, as the weather has shifted and given us quite a few suprises, I’ve learned a few Philly fashion tips on how to style looks to fit my personal style and body type while also staying comfortable and warm in the cooler weather of the season. I want to share with you some of my fashion tips for dressing for the Fall that works for you whether you live in or around the city or if you are stopping in to find the best places to experience Philly.

    As you know when any state that has seasons where there is cold weather, layering is your friend. In Philly, the weather can change rather quickly even in the middle of the day. You don’t want to be out and about with too little on or too much on. You’ll end up uncomfortable and that’s never fashionable. You can layer easily with trending styles such as blazers, but there is also a way to layer with specific pieces that can change you look all together. What I like to do is style the sweater dress with a shirt dress underneath that has the ability to roll of the sleeves and button to make it a half sleeve dress. So when it’s cold, I keep the sweater vest on and the sleeves down and belt the entire outfit, but when it gets warmer, I can remove the sweater vest, roll up the sleeves, re-belt the dress and now I have completely different look.
    If you’re in Philly in the Fall, you’ll see that a lot of the Philly fashion trends for the season have boots styled with the looks. As a rule of thumb, you want your boots to be comfortable and cute because Philly is a city that you’ll want to walk. Even if you’re not in the city and you’re enjoying some of the outdoor Fall festivities, you’ll want to make sure your boots are comfortable and functional. Boots with a small heel and study sole will serve you great for walking and keeping your feet comfortable and warm. I always suggest riding boots as a place to start.
    There are so many places to keep track of the Philly fashion trends so that you can discover what is trending for the season as well as the best places to shop. You’ll be able to get insight from some of the major local designers in the fashion industry and gain insight from many of the local influential people that play a part in making Philly a fashion destination. By following the Philly fashion trends, you’ll be able to also tell how the season is going and whether styles are more on the heavily layered side or a little lighter.
    Though King of Prussia is a major destination to shop for clothes in the tri-state area, the true essence of shopping Philly fashion is shopping the local Philly boutiques where you can find pieces from local designers as well as find trending pieces that will fit the season.

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  • Philly Fall Outfit Scaled
  • Philadelphia Fall Outfit Scaled
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Though many people think of New York when it comes to fashion destinations, you shouldn’t sleep on Philly when it comes to fashion. The Philly fashion scene in the city is a lot more vibrant and trendy than one may think which is why it was super easy to round up some major places for anyone to shop for Fall fashion trends to wear in Philly.

If you’re in the city, many of these places are centrally located – which means you can essentially park in one area and walk to many of these boutiques without having to get back in your car and find parking again (just keep feeding that meter!). If you’re not one that wants to head into the city, there are quite a few places to shop that you’ll want to visit that are in the Philadelphia metro area and are easy to to navigate to – some even are shops that have a location in the city and one outside of it.

There are so many boutiques and shops out there and honestly, I am still working on visiting and shopping for the majority of them. You can check out the ‘Where to Shop’ section of my Philly Guide to get insider peeks on shopping some of the local boutiques/locations that I have visited recently and to get more insight on what their boutique is like.


Philly Fall Wear
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