Kari Skin

325 Cherry Street, Rear 2nd Floor, Philadelphia Pa 19106

Kari Skin is the spa you’ll want to visit if you want a personalized experience. When visiting Kari Skin, I was fortunate enough to receive a massage followed by a facial, and when I left I felt like a whole new person.

When I first entered the spa, I felt like everyone there was ready to cater to me. With a bottle of water, I was walked into the room for my massage where I was greeted by a masseuse who didn’t just ask me whether I liked lots of pressure or what parts of my body were my pain points but asked me about my recent medical history and different questions that affected the areas that she targeted. After sharing that I recently had a baby and the other medical facts that are pertinent to me, I actually learned what areas needed to be targeted to alleviate pressure in areas where I actually felt the pain.

After the most relaxing massage, I went to another room for my facial, where I was informed about each process that was being used and also was told about what part of my skincare regimen was best and what wasn’t working. I was also given instructions on how to improve my skincare routine and recommendations on products to use – ones they carried at Kari Skin that I have been using for quite some time now.

For me, it is the amount of knowledge that they all have that makes Kari Skin so special. It is because of their vast knowledge of the body that made this one of the most custom massage and facial experiences that I have had.

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