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Mad Hatter Gin Tea Party

Are you a fan of Alice and Wonderland and want to take a trip down the rabbit hole? Well, then you want to make sure to purchase a ticket to the Philadelphia Mad Hatter Gin Tea Party Cocktail Experience. This limited time experience pops up in various cities at locations that you don’t even know about until the day before and takes you into another world.

The interactive cocktail experience starts with you picking out your own hat for the experience and then traveling down the rabbit hole to the tea party where you are seated as a group to enjoy bites and themed gin cocktails. It’s a great experience to take with friends, family, or your partners to not only enjoy the show and drinks, but also to socialize with other people. Throughout the time that you are there, you’ll be entertained by the Mad Hatter and his friends as they tell stories of their time in Wonderland while you are served various cocktails that are tea themed. If you’re someone that isn’t looking for a cocktail, don’t feel as if this experience isn’t for you, because they do offer alcohol free options of the drinks.

This experience was fun and has me looking for the other cocktail experiences that are created by the fever brand. As a note, this is definitely an adults only event. Even with the option for alcohol free drinks, food, and the Alice and Wonderland theme, the stories and language that are shared during the experience aren’t for young ears.

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