Experience IN PHILLY

Otherworld Philadelphia

2500 Grant Ave #1, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Ready to take a trip to another world that will blow your mind and make you think differently about your own reality? Then you’ll want to head into Otherworld. This interactive, immersive installation combines art and technology to bend your imagination. Otherworld acts as a doorway to another dimension emerges, inviting curious souls to embark on an extraordinary journey into a realm parallel to our own, hidden just beyond the fabric of reality. As you wander through each room, you can learn and meet different creators, learn about the history of this world, and even solve puzzles that tie together at the end to reward you with hidden secrets that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

This is a great location to visit for a family adventure, date night, friends out, or anything in between. Depending on how you navigate the world and its challenges will create what you day will look like as you could spend a few hours in Otherworld or almost a full day. Within the space, you’ll also find a cafe that serves food, drinks, and cocktails, and a gift shop so that you can bring some friends from Otherworld home with you. This is a true gem in Philadelphia – especially because this the second of two locations. The art embedded within the rooms have been done by local artists as well as some from out of state. So it truly is an experience that you won’t find anywhere else, even at the other location. Also, the location will act as a show space where there will be late night mixers filled with food and cocktails and live music, so make sure to keep an eye out for those nights so you can experience them too.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the location, but they are time and date specific, so make sure to grab your tickets ahead of time for the date and time you are looking to visit before you miss out on experience Philadelphia’s Otherworld.

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