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Paddywax Candle Bar Philly

Candles are something that many of us have in our homes. We light them to freshen the house or even just to add ambiance to an at-home spa experience. Sometimes, we spend so much time trying to find the perfect scent for our space and often just settle for something close. But what if you could create your own perfect candle, right down to the number of wicks in the candle itself.

Paddywax Candle Bar is a place where you can go for an outing with friends, loved ones, or even by yourself and create a candle that is unique to you. When you go in for the candle pouring experience, you’ll start the process by learning everything about how a candle functions and what the difference is between the number of wicks you put in a candle and the effects of certain fragrances. You’ll get to pick out your own container – with some of the containers being ones that you can use for different purposes afterward. For example, when we attended, there was actually a container that was microwave safe so that you could use it as a mug afterward.

After picking out your container, you’ll spend the rest of the experience creating your candle – picking out the fragrance through the vast selection of oils, placing your wicks, and pouring your wax. And if you choose to, you can spend the candle pouring experience sipping on some champagne.

When I went with my mom and sister, we had so much fun, and, to be honest, my sister and I just joked about my mom’s serious intensity while she was pouring her candle. But it is definitely an experience we have talked about doing again now that we burnt through our candles. Currently, my candle is being used as a mini plant pot in my office space now that the wax is fully gone.

Just as a note regarding the final part of the experience – when you finish with your candle pouring, you will have to leave your candle at the shop to set to which you’ll have the option to come back and pick it up when it is ready or have it shipped to you. 

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