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Philadelphia Flower Show

Every year, the talents of those in the Philadelphia area who have a super green thumb show off their floral creations at the Philadelphia Flower Show. This show, which used to take place indoors, is now in an outdoor area where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful floral art that fills each corner. Each year when you attend, you’ll find new creations and plenty of Instagrammable moments. Each creation is so unique and you’ll find yourself asking: “How did they do that?” I love seeing all of the creations and the different florals that are used. And some people even use other natural elements such as mushrooms to make creations, so there is something new and different to see that you may never have seen before.

In addition to the art, you can also shop local vendors to purchase a variety of fresh products such as plants, flowers, spices, decor, and more. There are so many booths and opportunities to learn about local brands, that it makes the Philadelphia Flower Show one of the most iconic events that takes place in the city.

Make sure to also bring your little ones to the Philadelphia Flower Show and take them into the kids corner. Where there is so much for them to touch, climb and learn from. Throughout the day, there are stories being told to the children as well as various activities for them to take part in. Our little guy loves going, especially because he loves the outdoors, and it teaches him about the world around him and the art that he can find in it.

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