Sor Ynéz

1800 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

I will admit that I am a sucker for a great restaurant that serves authentic cuisine, so when I discovered Sor Ynéz, I immediately put this restaurant to the top of my list to try and when dining there, it exceeded expectations.

Sor Ynéz is a Mexican restaurant that serves dinner Thursday – Saturday and serves brunch Saturday and Sunday. So as you are considering coming to this restaurant, make sure to plan accordingly. It’s located in a lot with private parking and has out outdoor eating area. When you enter, you immediately feel at home and can smell the amazing flavors coming from the fresh ingredients used in their food. The only problem that I had with this restaurant is that there were so many great cocktail and food options for both brunch and dinner, so I had a difficult time picking out which one to order, so I highly recommend going with a group so that you can order a variety of plates and share.

For appetizers, I recommend ordering one of the Tostadas. The Tuna Tostada was my absolute favorite dish because of the trout spread that is paired with the tuna that just tastes out of this world and different from any other tuna dishes that I have had. For meals, there’s so much to choose from so it’s hard to pick just one. I recommend ordering some tacos for the table and making sure to check out any seasonal special plates that they have.

The Butterfly Effect is a great cocktail, if your looking to order a cocktail for brunch or for dinner. And if you’re coming for brunch, make sure to order the Oaxacan Coffee because it’s probably the best morning cocktail I’ve ever had. Do note, that there are seasonal cocktails as well, so make sure you keep an eye on what specialty drinks are available for the season for both brunch and dinner when you arrive because you won’t want to miss any of their craft cocktails.

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