Experience IN PHILLY

The Franklin Institute

222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

The Franklin Institute is a must-visit museum in Philadelphia. Many people think it’s only for kids to enjoy, but I beg to differ. This exploratory, interactive museum is fun for all ages. We took our son there, and I have to say that my husband has more time playing with the different exhibits than my son did. He actually took off to go explore on his own while I showed my son around.

There are various exhibits that teach you about science and how things work around the world, in our bodies, and in history. One of my favorite exhibits had to be ‘The Brain’. In that exhibit, you learn about how the brain works, what it is made up of, and how your brain works to influence your senses. There are optical illusions that make you question your own sense of self as well as other tests of your senses that show you how we perceive certain things.

But other than my favorite, there’s ‘The Heart’, there’s the planetarium, the train exhibit, one on sports, a specific interactive area for children under 2 and so much more. And depending on what season you visit, you may get to experience a special exhibit. During our last visit, The Crayola Experience was the new featured exhibit – but do keep in mind that the featured exhibit is usually an add-on to your general ticket.

You’ll find yourself wandering through exhibits and spending so many hours at this museum. Honestly, you could probably spend a whole day there. And don’t forget to watch one of the demonstrations because they are so fun to watch and you learn so much.

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