Experience IN PHILLY

The Philadelphia Zoo

3400 W. Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Looking to get in touch with nature while your in the city? Then you’ll want to visit the Philadelphia Zoo. The one thing that I absolutely love about the Philly Zoo is the free roam that many of the animals have around the zoo. When you enter, you’ll see tunnels above you in the area that allow for certain aminmals to travel throughout the zoo as it is integrated into their habitat. Even more, as you’re walking around the zoo, you may even see a peacock walking right next to you as if he is also enjoying seeing the other animals as well.

You’ll find a variety of spectacular animals to see such as kangaroos, black bears, red pandas, hippos, pumas, and meerkats. You can even go to some of the indoor habitats to see some of the noctournal animals or some of the animals who just didn’t feel like they wanted to be out in the sun anymore and are enjoying their indoor habitats.

And depending on the time of year that you go, you may even get to experience some of the attractions and featured exhibits.

The Philadelphia Zoo is great for family activities as well as for those who just enjoy seeing and learning about animals. If you’re worried about too much walking, don’t worry. There are plenty of exhibits to see, but you’re also not walking around so much as you would at Disney World. It’s a zoo that is easily navigated and is home to amazing animals who all look happy and comfortable.

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