Pink Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Fall Long Sleeved Mini Dress

As we head into the Fall season and it starts to get cold, many of us immediately head into putting away our shorts and starting to shove our dresses into the back of our closet. But what if I told you that you didn’t really need to. What if I told you that the Fall mini dress is a trend that has been around for awhile and it one that you’ll want to stick with. I’ve seen so many different styles of dresses that women love to wear around the colder months and still maintain warmth through a variety of different layering methods and through accessories, and with all of those styles I’ve also seen a variety of different colors, but my favorite color and style of the Fall mini dress is the pink longe sleeve mini dress.

The pink long sleeve mini dress is a stylish mini dress that is perfect for the Fall season, especially around the time that we are heading from Summer to Fall and is a great dress to break out when it’s transitioning from the Winter to the Spring. This pink dress isn’t one that you need to hide away because you think that it’t not a typical Fall color, instead it’s a dress that you need to shop for if you don’t have it in your closet right now and make it a dress that you style for a wedding, a party, a date night, or another great occasion.

Pink Long Sleeved Mini Dress



When you’re styling long sleeve dresses, you want to first choose which type of sleeve that you want to style. There are a variety of different sleeve types including puff sleeves and looser sleeves. The next aspect that you want to consider with your mini dress is what type of skirt that you want to have on the dress. Are you looking for something a little more flowy which is typical for many Fall dresses, or are you looking to go with a more bodycon fit that shows off the shape of your body.

You’ll also want to consider the tops of the dresses, specifically around the neckline for your pink long sleeve mini dress. You’ll find a lot of mini dresses in v-neck styles, square necks, and u-neck styles. Each of these necklines will help you to decide how to match your jewelry, specifically your necklace, so that you can show off some cleavage if you choose to do so.

Another aspect that you want to consider when styling your dress and picking one out is the material that you are looking for or the style of the dress. Within the mini dress category, you’ll find a variety of styles including the sweater dress, the shirt dress, a ruched styled dress, or even a bodycon dress. Knowing what type of dress that you’re going to wear is going to help you style it for certain occasions and match specific accessories and shoes with the mini dress.

With pink dresses that you style in the Fall, you’ll want to lean on styling the dresses with neutral color or lighter tone shoes and with gold accessories. Though it’s not a fashion foul to style the pink dress with silver accessories, but gold accessories tend to look better with the color and within the season. With your shoes and accessories, the one thing that you may also be thinking of adding is a coat. In comparison to the midi dress and the maxi dress, a mini dress

Long Sleeved Mini Dress
Revolve Long Sleeved Mini Dress
Pink Revolve Long Sleeved Mini Dress


Now that you’ve come to what style, now it’s time to hit the racks and start shopping for your pink long sleeve mini dress. For the most part, you can find a lot of different mini dresses on top online fashion boutiques that are super affordable and will hold dresses that fit a variety of sizes, body types and different personal styles.

One think that I’m loving as I shop for pink mini dresses are the floral prints that I’m finding many of the dresses in and even the white dresses that seem like pink dresses becomes of the pink floral designs that are put on them. But no matter what style you’re looking for, you want to make sure that you’re getting more bang for your buck and find dresses that fit the price that you are wanting to shop for it for.

The best time to shop for mini dresses is actually once the beginning of the Fall season has passed. The end of the summer is when you’ll find many of these mini dresses hitting the shelves and then once the beginning of the Fall passes, you’ll see that many stores are focusing on Winter clothes, so dresses such as the pink long sleeved mini dress go on sale.

Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite long sleeved mini dresses – specifically ones that are pink or at least include some big aspect of pink – that you can shop and add to your wardrobe.

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Fall Long Sleeved Mini Dress
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