How to Style a Pink Maxi Dress

Pink Maxi Dress Style

A pink maxi dress can be a statement dress for variety of occasions. Depending on the hue of the dress and whether its printed or not, will dictate how you style the dress and where you can wear it to. For me, I’m a sucker for a maxi dress. And even though many people think that maxi dresses aren’t made for the petite woman, there are many style tricks to alter a maxi dress without needing to head to a seamstress.

The pink maxi dress is a trend that I love wearing during the summer. Every time that I look at some of my favorite online boutiques to shop, I find a new style of a pink maxi dress that I just adore and have to make a decision as to which one to get. Because, let’s face it, our closets can’t totally be full of pink maxi dresses. If you’re like me and you have gotten yourself a pink maxi dress, I’m going to share with you some tips for styling it to fit your personal style and any occasion.

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Pink Maxi Dress Style

Tips for Styling THE PINK MAXI DRESS

If you have a pink maxi dress that stands out and includes elements of its own like this Michael Costello x REVOLVE Justin Gown, you may want to let the dress stand on it’s own as it’s bound to turn heads no matter what. But if you’re look to add some other elements and style the dress in a different way, here are a few ways that you can style the dress and make it look different each time that you wear it.

    One easy style trick for layering a maxi dress is to add a jacket. The best jacket style for a maxi dress is a cropped denim jacket that compliments the hue of pink. For example, with the dress featured in this post, I would lean towards a light wash denim jacket since I don’t want to darken the hue but push it towards a brighter element. Adding a jacket will help to give you layers for places where you may be indoors and it’s colder or for wearing your maxi dress into the cold weather season.
    If your maxi dress doesn’t come with a belt already built in, then get a thin or medium width belt. This is a style trick that I would recommend for any style of maxi dress and one that I especially recommend for those who are looking to create a style illusion to look taller. Cinching the waist with belt with highlight the waistline, lengthen the legs, and let the maxi dress show height and curves in a flattering way.
    Gold accessories go spectacularly well with a pink maxi dress. The hues compliment each other and blend together to create a feminine luxe look. You can go with gold statement earrings that include other colors such as white, silver, or other neutral colors, but just make sure that the majority of the accessory is gold. I like to style the maxi dress with small to medium gold hoop earrings with gems, a simple gold bracelet, and layered gold necklaces (if the neckline is an open neckline).
    Add a little flare to your maxi dress look with some luxe, statement heels. There are quite a few ones on Amazon such as these bowed strappy heels and these crystal embellished heels. Adding statement heels that pop out from under the dress as you walk will add so much style and glam to your look.
Pink Maxi Dress
Hot Pink Maxi Dress
How To Style A Hot Pink Maxi Dress

Finding the Right Length FOR YOUR STATURE

We have all noticed it. We have gone to one store and the size that we were at that one store with that one brand is not the same size we would wear at another store with another brand. Standard sizes really don’t exist especially when different brands run too small or too big. When it comes to maxi dresses, there isn’t a standard size, so when finding your pink maxi dress, you’ll need to know how to find the right length so that the style tips above actually work for you.

Ideally, when you wear your maxi dress, you’ll want the hemline to hit right at your ankle or a little above if you want the option as to whether you wear heels with the dress or not. You don’t want your dress to be dragging as it’s not a good look and you’ll ruin the dress fairly easy after only a few wears. As you looking for your maxi dress, aim for at least two inches off the ground – unless you’re specifically looking for one of those dresses for a photo shoot that do drag, which at that point you’re probably only wearing for a little.

Even if you do get a dress that drags, note that you can shorten a dress without alterations with just a few style tricks such as belting it and pulling up the hemline with a simple tuck. With this pink maxi gown, I do just that when I style it since the hemline does not naturally rest right where I want it to.

How To Style A Pink Maxi Dress
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