Episode #6 of That Luxe Life Podcast : Planning an Affordable Luxury Vacation

Affordable Luxury Vacation Podcast

Affordable Luxury Vacation Podcast

Luxury vacations are what you make of them. For many people, it will be staying at a resort where everything is taken care of and you are treated like royalty. Also, for many, it’s being able to see the various Instagrammable places and having experiences that will last a lifetime. And either way that you go, you’ll find the misconception that the only way to have that type of luxury vacation is to drop an entire year’s mortgage on a trip and then hope that the trip turns out wonderfully because you’ll never be able to travel again. I’m going to start by saying that I’m going to show you how to drop that misconception and show you how taking a luxury trip is actually more accessible than you think.


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I’m going to first start off by telling you, that I don’t have a ton of money in my back pocket. And though I am an influencer, many of the trips that I take, I pay for – full price for the stay and all the experiences. With that in mind, I also want you to know that since I graduated grad school in 2016, I’ve taken at least one international trip a year with my now husband and we have paid for each and every trip ourselves. We’ve gone to the Bahamas twice, once on a cruise and the other just as a vacation. We’ve gone to Jamaica, Punta Cana, and I have gone to London and Paris to study abroad. Currently, we are planning a luxury vacation to Tulum as a family vacation alongside planning a family trip to Hawaii and a few destinations around the US.

You’re probably thinking that the only reason that I am able to take these trips is that we have sacrificed something in our lives or we aren’t saving for anything. And that’s not one bit true – we are currently are on the journey of building our custom home, we have one year’s tuition already saved away for our 1.5-year-old son, and we are planning to grow our family by one more in the next coming year. I work as an exec admin and my husband works in the recreation department at a university, so we aren’t making a ton of money. The truth of it is, is that there’s a way to take these luxury vacations without spending a fortune, and I’m sharing those secrets.


Multi-destination cruises are a huge way to save and see multiple places. Cruises such as Adventures by Disney and Royal Caribbean allow you to book a sole cruise while taking you to at least three different places around the world. For example, Adventures by Disney has a 7-night cruise that takes you to multiple cities in Spain, France, and Italy for one set price. While in those cities, you can experience various activities throughout spending an entire day or two in one city and then off to the next stop you go. Without the cruise, you would end up paying almost 3x the amount to keep booking different hotels, find food, transportation, and more.


Another way to take a luxury trip without spending a ton of money is to actually travel with an influencer. Typically the trips that we fawn over are the ones that we are seeing on social media and commenting on those posts saying that we wish we were there. Well, many influencers are actually taking their community with them on these various trips and you can plan those trips with them. I’ve included some links below for two types of trips that I am currently taking suggestions for that will either allow you to take a luxury girl’s retreat or a luxury vacation that is for everyone. Complete the forms to get your opinion noted on our:


One big thing that I do myself is I actually plan out my trips based on when flights are at their best rates. There have been times that I have been able to book a round-trip flight for as low as $60. Not kidding. It’s all about flexibility and also tracking. I use Google Flights as well as Hopper to track flights to the locations that I want to travel to. It’s great because those tools will actually alert you when a flight is at its lowest and recommends when you should purchase your ticket or when you should wait.

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