Episode #7 of That Luxe Life Podcast: Getting Organized in Business

Business Organization Podcast

Business Organization Podcast

A luxury in life is being able to call yourself your own boss. I’ve lived, and currently still live, in the reality of working for someone else while working for myself. And oftentimes, I find great enjoyment when I only have to focus on my own business and I can call my own shots. But, I will admit, that it gets quite stressful and it sometimes feels like if I make one wrong step all the hard work that I have put in will end up being a waste. The luxury that I have found within the luxury of running my own business is staying organized so that there is less stress and more enjoyment in running my own business.


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The key to keeping your business running and having it be less stressful is keeping yourself organized within your own business. When I first started running LivingLesh as a brand/business, I became very stressed out and almost quit because I wasn’t as organized as I should have been. But then once I got my ducks in a row, a great deal of stress was shed and I was able to find the enjoyment that I had in my business when I first started.

One key thing about staying organized in your business is to have a task management system. I currently use ClickUp but there are many options out there and you can use what fits you. But by having a task management system, you can not only use it to organize when certain tasks need to be finished, but you can also use it to track tasks done by any employees you have, set reminders for things that you need to be done, and if you’re in a blogging business, you can actually use it to build out your editorial calendar for your blog and social media channels. I use it for all of my tasks and with it being an app that I can put on my phone and tablet, I’m constantly reminded of things that need to be done and they get done right on time.

Another key tip on staying organized in a business is not being afraid to outsource your work. It can be daunting to hand over key tasks within your business. Even for some, hiring an employee can often be overwhelming because you’re not trusting this person with running components of your business. But by taking some of the work off of your plate will allow you to organize your core tasks and allow someone to aid in doing some of the other minor tasks that are still essential but can just be done by someone else.

When you’re organized in your business, you’ll find out that there’s more enjoyment in your work, and that’s the luxury that we are all looking for.

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