Episode #1 of That Luxe Life Podcast: Defining Luxury and Reclaiming Its Meaning

Defining Luxury Podcast

Defining Luxury Podcast

When it comes to luxury, we all tend to default to the one definition that luxury is based on having brand name products, being able to go on expensive trips, and living in very immaculate houses. But it’s time that we break that definition. When looking at the dictionary definition of luxury, luxury itself is based on comfort and extravagant living. The one thing that it doesn’t have in the definition is a dollar amount attached to it. So in the first episode of the That Luxe Life podcast, we are going to talk about really defining luxury and how to reclaim the definition to fit our lives. 


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As with anyone, I’ve done my fair share of scrolling through Instagram and getting that feeling of FOMO or slight jealousy from those who go on these elaborate trips and create these very stylish luxurious looks. But as I began digging further and further, I soon realized that many of these trips and the looks people were styling weren’t based on a price tag, but based on the way they wanted to experience the world and how they wanted to dress.

Luxury does not have to be something that is attached to a price tag. Luxury, by definition, is the feeling of great comfort and extravagant living. Within that definition, we need to focus on what it means to be comfortable and what it truly means to us to live an extravagant life. As I personally delved into the definition, I realized that comfort, for me, wouldn’t mean that I spent a lot of money on travel and clothing – that would actually make me uncomfortable. And extravagant living would allow me to have things in my home that are convenient and make my family comfortable. Plus, extravagant trips, for me, are being able to have these great experiences that are actually connected to the culture and the natural wonders of the world.

So over the years, I redefined what it meant to live a luxurious lifestyle, and over the years, I’ve come up with my own definition of living in luxury which includes a comfortable and extravagant living based on how I want to live my life.

Now it’s time to create your own definition and live your own luxurious lifestyle.

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