That Luxe Life Podcast: The Art of Faking It Til You Make It

Faking It Til You Make It

Faking It Til You Make It

There’s an art in faking it until you make it. At least that is what I’m told. But if we really think about it, if we define what it means for us to make it ourselves, we may not necessarily have to fake it because we may have already made it. As we move forward in defining what it means to live our own luxurious lifestyle, there’s a gray area that comes into what “making it” truly means to us. And at some point, we may have to use the art of faking it until we make it, even if we are self-defining what that success looks like.


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There was a quote that I saw the other day that basically said that you don’t want to miss your moment of success as you constantly keep working towards your success. Many of us do it so often. We keep our heads down and keep working and working, and often forget to look up and realize that we achieved the success that we were working towards.

I do that quite often. I set a goal for myself and miss the moment that I achieve the goal because as I’m working towards the goal, I set so many other goals for myself that I actually never really feel like I made it to the point where I feel super successful. Instead, we create this ‘faking it til you make it’ mentality and exude the success that we most likely have already achieved, but internally, we don’t really feel like we have made it.

A lot of this comes from our consistent way of comparing ourselves to what we see on social media. We set our goals of success but then see the success of others and start to feel like we haven’t made it. So what we have to do is stop letting others define what our ‘making it’ is. We need to get back in the habit of celebrating the success of the goals that we achieve and defining success for ourselves  – thus creating our own ‘making it’. Then when you’ve made it, celebrate that success.

But in the meantime, you may still want to master that art of faking it until you make it as you move towards your own point of success. Just don’t forget to look up so you don’t miss that moment.

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