Episode #3 of That Luxe Life Podcast: The Power of Games in a Relationship

Games In A Relationship Podcast

Games In A Relationship Podcast

Often times, when people hear that games are being placed in a relationship, they think that it is one person messing with the other – essentially taking them through an emotional rollercoaster. But that’s not what I mean when I talk about playing games in a relationship. What I am truly referring to is playing board or card games with each other to use as a communication tool and build a stronger bond. Couples games can do a lot in a relationship depending on the types of games you choose to play.


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There are challenges that arise quite frequently in a relationship, and some research, says that most of those challenges come from communication. It is either the lack of or not communicating in an effective way. In my relationship with my husband, we found that many of our arguments stem from us not communicating with each other. Out of habit, we automatically assume instead of talking to each other. And in those assumptions, we end up losing out on ways to connect with each other and talk to each other in healthy ways.

But playing games in a relationship isn’t all about conflict resolution. It can also lead to adding spiciness to the moment and end up being fun. We often play some of these games during the date nights that we have because we know how important date nights are in a marriage. With fun and connection being the biggest luxury in a relationship, I wanted to share with you all some of the fun games that you can play in your relationship, no matter what stage you are in. To find out how we incorporate the games into our marriage to keep things fun and to deal with conflict, make sure to listen to the podcast episode.



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