Episode #4 of That Luxe Life Podcast: That Glow is Your Skin

Top Skincare Products Podcast
Top Skincare Products Podcast

Skincare is such an essential aspect of self-care. And, when you think about it, self-care is a luxury within itself. When you’re able to take a moment and take care of yourself then at that moment, you’re comfortable, and to some like myself, it can become an extravagant moment. There are a variety of skincare brands out there that are deemed as luxury skincare brands, but after looking into those brands and their products, I was able to find that many of the products that are made by those brands are actually super similar or even less effective than skincare products that aren’t classified as luxury skincare brands. So it’s important to not focus on the brand name, but instead find what products work best for you and deem them your luxury skincare products.


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If you’re new around here, the one thing that you need to know is that I, personally, classify skincare as the number one priority to beauty. I love some foundation, eyeshadow palettes, and eyelashes, but I also know that if my skincare routine isn’t on point then there is no reason to even put on makeup because it will either make it worse or highlight the lack of a skincare routine.

Because I am so addicted to skincare, I have tried many, many skincare products from a variety of brands. To me, I wanted to make sure that I was never limiting myself putting together an optimal skincare routine that would make my skin feel super healthy and pretty much flawless. I’ve tried products from brands such as Colleen Rothschild to Fresh Beauty and many in between, and through all of those trials, I have come to find out that the products that are sold by luxury skincare brands aren’t always the most luxurious products to have in your skincare closet – sometimes, the ones that aren’t a luxury skincare brand actually have the best skin care products.



When it comes to having a luxury self-care moment, try starting with creating the best skin care regimen for yourself. Yes, it’s great to get up and go to a spa and have someone give you a facial and you just sit back and relax, but let’s get real, you’re not being to be going every day. You have to do the upkeep at home or the facial may not be as relaxing as you want it to be.

Some of the currently classified luxury skincare brands are brands such as  La Mer and Perricone MD, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried them and they are fabulous. I mean, even Tatcha was a brand that I was addicted to for quite some time, but after some time, I realized that I was running out of these products rather quickly and it wasn’t working in my budget.

So as I began branching out and finding other skincare products, I soon found out some new favorites that I felt should be classified as luxury skincare because they work so well and do wonders for the skin.


The Fresh skincare brand is probably my go-to skincare brand because of the variety of products that are offered and the freshness that comes along with them. Even when I was pregnant, this was what I declared my pregnancy skincare brand that I relied on because I felt that I could use the products and not worry about any ingredients that may be in the products that I should be avoiding. Plus, the products helped so much with keeping my hormonal acne at bay.


Outside of pregnancy, I use Fresh beauty as a part of my day to day skincare routine and even use some of their body products for showers and home spa days when I’m relaxing in the bath.


I love the fun scents that Glow Recipe skincare products come in, but more importantly, I love how it makes my skin feel. Each product that you find, especially in the moisturizers, will treat a specific skincare concern such as dry skin, breakouts, and uneven tone.



One of the main products that I love from Dermalogic is the precleanse that does wonders with removing makeup prior to actually using your cleanser to actually clean your skin. Even more, some of the products that you can purchase and add to your own home skincare collection are products that some aestheticians use when giving you a facial. In the multiple facials that I have had, many of the aestheticians have told me how great it is to hear that I am using Dermalogica and they can see the positive results that are coming from using it.



The Ordinary is my go-to for serums to take care of uneven toning in my face as well as getting rid of any under-eye circles or other concerns that may come. All of their products are super effective and the cost of the product is actually unbelievable. When I need to restock, I don’t feel any resistance to go back and get more and I don’t feel like I’m breaking the bank.


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