Episode #9 of That Luxe Life Podcast: Luxe Baby Must Haves

Luxe Baby Must Haves Podcast

Luxe Baby Must Haves Podcast

Like fashion and beauty, baby products have luxury brands. And those products from those brands are super cute and super convenient, but so are a lot of other products that aren’t deemed as belonging to luxury brands. Let’s start by identifying what is a luxury when it comes to taking care of your baby. If we think really hard about it, the luxury actually comes from the convenience that it offers. And like many mothers know, some of the smallest things that you wouldn’t even realize offer convenience in comparison to some of the bigger things that you spend so much money on. Babies are unpredictable, but there are some predictable luxe baby must haves that you can get that will add a lot of conveniences and give you the luxury that you’re looking for.


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Before having my son, like many parents, I went to the store to begin building our baby registry, and though it was such a great experience, it was also an overwhelming one. There are so many baby products from a variety of brands. You’ll go into one section just to find pacifiers only to find out that there are a variety of options that may all do the same thing, but shapes vary and your baby will only end up picking one favorite that you must not lose ever. From the variety of car seats, strollers, rockets, and swaddles, new parents often find themselves in moments of indecisiveness as we try to figure out what it is that we must get.

And many of us, including myself, fall into the trap of moving towards what is classified as luxury brand products because they look gorgeous and they seem as if they are going to be the best things for our baby. Don’t mistake me, there are probably many of those items where that is true, but I also found out that many of the products that are needed to create luxury mommy moments aren’t actually products that we need to get from luxury brands.



The luxe baby must haves that you need to get as a parent are the ones that are going to add the most convenience to your life while taking care of your little one. The more convenience that is added, the more luxury you’ll find in parenthood. Some of the items that I would deem as luxe because of the convenience added are:

  • Travel Systems – your car seat, base, and stroller all in one so that you can go from car to on-the-go in one quick switch
  • Compact Strollers – fit easily into your trunk/car without taking up too much space and if you’re ever boarding a flight, some compact strollers fit into the overhead compartments
  • Transitional Car Seats – instead of buying a new car seat through the various stages and then a booster, instead just get one car seat that takes you from age 0 to until they are out of the booster seat
  • Travel Bassinets – bassinet fits easily next to your bed and is one that can be easily broken down to take on the go in the case that you are out for a holiday gathering or family dinner where you can quickly set it up and let your little one nap
  • Transitional Bed Sets – it’ll go from crib to toddler bed to full-size bed; basically, a bed that they can use into their teenage years

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