That Luxe Life Podcast: Creating Your Luxe Space at Home with Dani O’Brien

Creating Luxe Home Space Dani

Creating Luxe Home Space Dani

In this episode of the That Luxe Life podcast, we will be talking to Dani O’Brien of Culley Avenue about creating a luxury space in your home. Dani is the creator of the DIY & design blog, Culley Avenue where she creates content that is relatable and reliable for readers to complete their own DIY projects, decorate their homes, and so much more so that you begin to realize that your dream home is more attainable than you think.


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When we all look at luxury, we constantly think of money. Dani brings up a great point about how time and money are intertwined, and when it comes to your home, luxury should be about the space that you are creating to make you feel calm and should be a reflection of your style. You get to define your own luxury home and creating the space that makes you feel content.

One main aspect that Dani shares is that the two spaces that we spend the most time are our bedrooms and our bathrooms. So in many cases, you may want to be setting your focus on putting your time into creating your initial luxe spaces in those two rooms. And though many of us focus on decor, we should also be focusing on keeping those two rooms clean and tidy.

Listen to the episode to hear all about how to create spaces and make them feel luxurious to you. Dani shares how she is creating her luxe spaces in her own home and gives the best little ‘food for thought’ that you’ll want to hear to make your home the luxury space that you want it to be.


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