Episode #5 of That Luxe Life Podcast: Shopping Lists for Creating Your Luxe Looks

Luxe Shopping List Podcast

Luxe Shopping List Podcast

Whenver I talk to someone bout luxury fashion and the outfits that they want to wear, I typically hear about their disappointment in how they can’t afford to buy pieces from luxury brands. Now, I’m not saying that you need to avoid purchasing brand items at all – I have a few brand name items myself – but I am saying that some of the luxury looks that many want to create don’t have to include solely luxury brand name pieces. In reality, many of the luxury looks that are often seen on social media aren’t always styled with pieces from luxury brands, instead, many of them are using pieces from unique boutiques and department stores.


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Luxury looks aren’t always looks that include luxury brands. If you ever deep dive into the pages of various non-celebrity fashion influencers, you’ll find out that the luxury outfits that they put together include pieces from affordable brands and boutiques. The best way to start putting together your own luxe looks is to plan and build out your shopping list – including pieces that you can use over and over again to create luxe looks.

  1. Start Where the Influencers Are: It’s not a secret that many of us find inspiration in putting together looks from social media whether it be Instagram or Pinterest. The great thing these days is that you can directly shop looks from those posts – assuming that the influencer set up the post for you to shop. The easiest thing to do is to sign up for platforms such as LiketoKnow.It or ShopStyle and follow influencers that you often try to emulate. You can shop their looks right from their posts, and build your shopping list right from there. And the great thing is that many share various alternatives within an affordable price range.
  2. Favorite Boutiques & Department Stores that Carry Pieces to Create Luxe Looks: Boutiques have been my go-to with shopping for luxe looks at an affordable price. The great thing with boutiques is that you’re shopping for a certain style at a price that isn’t always super high. Some of my favorite online stores to shop for include Revolve, Petal & Pup, and ASOS as they carry pieces to create luxe looks and aren’t super high in price. Additionally, shopping department stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s will also lead you in the right direction when you want to create your luxury looks for a lower price point. They are constantly having sales, there’s a reward system, and they carry a variety of brands.



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