That Luxe Life Podcast: Our Luxe Fashion, Our Luxe Beauty with Ashli Antonakos

Ashli Antonakos On That Luxe Life

Ashli Antonakos On That Luxe Life

In this episode of the That Luxe Life Podcast, we have Ashli Antonakas of the Style Haven sharing some tidbits on how we can embody our own luxury fashion and beauty. She’s dropping amazing tips on what products to look at when you want to style specific luxury looks as well as what brands to shop for when you’re wanting some luxury beauty, but don’t want to break the bank.


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As we talked to Ashli of the Style Haven, we discover that the root of her definition of luxury fashion and beauty comes from the feelings that your style and beauty routine brings to you regardless of the pricing and the brand name that is attached to it.

Ashli is all about mixing and matching and splurging on products when the time is appropriate. She shares on how to leave behind the buyer’s remorse by thinking of these key things when buying certain products. And when it comes to beauty, she breaks down the right products to buy when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, and how to shop for those products while still getting the same results as some luxury brand skincare products have.

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