Episode #2 of That Luxe Life Podcast: Reclamation of Luxury

Reclamation Of Luxury Podcast

Reclamation Of Luxury Podcast

In the first episode of the That Luxe Life podcast, we talked about what luxury actually means and introduced the concept of what the definition of luxury could truly mean. So as we continue on in what luxury means, we want to take a step back and actually throw out the dictionary definition and start putting into perspective the real ways that we can live our luxurious lifestyles. You don’t have to feel that you need to make boatloads of money to live a luxurious lifestyle, instead, it’s time to pivot away from the price tag that is attached to the lifestyle and start reclaiming the definition to fit how you want to live your life.  


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In the past decade or so, there has been a lot of reclamation of words that have been used in either a derogatory manner or in a way that has left people feeling a little outcasted from the space the word belongs to. For example, the word “b***h* has been one of the main words that women have begun reclaiming to remove the negative connotation that it carries and start making it a word that can’t be used to offend. Now, I’m not saying that the offensive nature of it has been completely removed, but it hasn’t been a word that has been used, in some ways, as a term of endearment. I know, it’s kind of weird to think about.

That’s the exact way that we need to reclaim luxury. Luxury has always been attached to a price tag. Certain brands, hotels, and experiences have always been deemed luxurious because of their price tags, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. If you think of luxury as having an extravagant experience and living in comfort and remove the dollar signs next to it, you can begin living your own luxurious lifestyle.

As you continue listening to episodes of the That Luxe Life podcast, you’ll not only find out how to have these luxurious experiences, create luxury looks, and live a luxurious lifestyle while staying within your own budget, you’ll actually learn that the luxurious lifestyle that you have been dreaming of is one that you can attain, you just had to reclaim the definition and come to the realization of the true experience that you’re looking to have.

Each episode will talk about something different as it attains to luxury and how some people, who seem to be living this luxury lifestyle with a lot of money, aren’t actually spending as much as you think. It’s all about perspective.

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