A Pop of Print in a Minimalist Look

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Revolve Lacademie Jumpsuit

I’m definitely someone who loves to dress based off of the occasion and how I am feeling that day. That’s why you’ll often find me either in a bright and vibrant printed dress, or toned down in a minimalist look. Sometimes it all depends. Let’s be honest, there are definitely certain times where you can’t wear that printed stand out dress – like to a wedding – because it’s just too much and you may raise some eyebrows. But what about when you’re still feeling a pop of print when you know you need to wear something that is a little bit more minimalist. Well, there are ways to go about adding your pop of print to your minimalist look.



The main tip when wanting to add a pop of print to your minimalist look is to focus on your shoes and accessories. Right now, the hottest print of the summer season is the leopard print. Over the past month alone, I have added a pair of heels, a pair of sneakers and a hip bag to my closet all in leopard print – and those are just the accessories. I even added some dresses and tops…but I digress. You want to find a print that you like that represents your personal style. Whether it be animal print, stripes, stars, or even polka dots, you can add it to any minimalist look simply.

Shoes are a very subtle way to add a pop of print to a number of outfits, and you can even use your shoes as the center piece to your entire look. These leopard print heels in this outfit allowed me to add a subtle animal print to my minimalist look without pulling too much attention but still given the look some edge. I also love how the shoes come across as work appropriate so that I can wear them to a number of different places.

With accessories, you can add a pop of print with a handbag or your hair accessories – or both if you want to do. There are so many prints you can find with handbags and with hair accessories, there are a collection of stylish headbands that include a variety of prints.

I’ve rounded up a few printed shoes and accessories that are on trend right now that you can add to your wardrobe and compliment your minimalist look.

Revolve Fia Jumpsuit
Fia Jumpsuit
Lacademie Jumpsuit
Raye Oliver Heel
Revolve Lacademie Fia Jumpsuit
Revolve Tan Jumpsuit
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