Dealing with Pregnancy Breakouts: My Pregnancy Skincare Routine

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There are so many things that happen to your body during your pregnancy. Your body changes in so many ways, and one of the things that I have noticed that is happening to my skin is that I am starting to get pregnancy breakouts.

The first trimester of my pregnancy, I dealt with many struggles, but my skin was glowing and I was so proud of it. Then, as soon as my second trimester, the pregnancy breakouts came out. Pre-pregnancy, I had perfected my skincare routine and to tend to all of my skin concerns, but these breakouts were completely different than what I was dealing with before.

So I began trying out different products and looking for whatever could help my breakouts while also avoiding the harsh chemicals that you’re supposed to avoid throughout your pregnancy. But with a lot of the acne targeting skincare products having ingredients that are not meant for pregnant women, it became harder and harder to find the routine that would battle these breakouts.

I learned quite a lot about my pregnancy in my second trimester, including how to combat these pregnancy breakouts. I had spent to much time trying to find acne targeting products that I didn’t realize that some of the products that were best for my skin were skincare products that had fresh ingredients and would nourish my skin.

Once I figured out the products to use, I put together a solid skincare routine. And the key to getting rid of those pregnancy breakouts and keeping them at bay is CONSISTENCY. You’re pregnant, so you’re tired and you probably just want to lay down and go to bed instead of washing your face at night, but you have to. Pregnancy breakouts are hormonal, but they also come from the trapped dirt in your pores, so you have to make sure you’re also combatting it from the outside.

In this post, I am going to share with you the Fresh Beauty products and routine that I used to combat my pregnancy breakouts. I was so committed to these products and this routine, I even packed the products with me in my labor and delivery hospital bag so I could keep my routine consistent even after I gave birth.

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For cleansing, I use both the classic Soy Face Cleanser – that recently hit its 20th anniversary – during the day and the Rose Cleansing Foam at night. I use a more cream based cleanser during the day to help combat the drying elements in the heat of the Spring. Then the lighter face wash at night after using a make-up removing cloth, if I wore make-up that day, helps to pull a clean base before I lay my head down on my satin pillow.
Then after, I make sure to use the Rose Deep Hydration Toner. I have been loving this toner. I have used this toner for quite some time as it has helped me with breakouts in the past and has helped with evening out my skin tone. Even some of my friends use it just as their daily wash in the morning when they don’t wash their face.
My skin was already a mix of oily and dry prior to my pregnancy. And then after getting pregnant, my skin changed and became more dry than oily and it was as if my skin quenched any and all hydration.  The pregnancy glow, that is rumored to exist, didn’t come to me naturally, I had to make sure that my skin was clean and well hydrated both day and night order to have any type of glow. This combination of products for my cleansing routine has worked miraculously as it has began to get warmer here in the northeast. The cleanser and the toner adds just enough hydration to get my skin to feel hydrated without making it oily.


No matter what your skincare routine is or what type of skin you have, you need to have a moisturizer and some type of treatment product to help boost your skin’s radiance. For my skincare routine with Fresh Beauty, I use the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. First and foremost, I use it because I love the smell. After washing, using my toner, and then applying this face cream, I walk around smelling rosey all day long.
The Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum is the product that I apply prior to putting on my face cream. It helps to boost hydration and gives me another barrier to protect and take of my dry, hormonal, acne prone skin.
Finally, the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask is what I use once a week – typically on Sunday in the evening when I am done with the weekend craze – between washing my face and putting on any serum or moisturizer. I put it on, let it sit for five minutes (maybe I’ll put my laundry away at that time) and then I wash it off and follow-up with my moisturizer. The mask gives me a fresh canvas to the week and the seaweed in the mask takes away all the dead skin flakes that may be blocking my pores.


The one thing that has been standing out the most on my face when it has come to the pregnancy changes is my lips. They have gotten extremely plump and more rounded. So when they are dry, they stand out even more. I will admit that I was not the best when it came to taking care of my lips. I used to be one that used all of the scrubs and lip balm. But after my favorite lip scrub products began to be either discontinued or sold out every time that I went to the store, I just gave up on it all. But now, I’m back to taking care of them. With this skincare routine, I have been using the Sugar Lip Polish – which has become my new favorite lip scrub. The combination of brown sugar crystals and the shea butter help to get rid of the dead skin and then condition and heal the newly exposed skin underneath.
After scrubbing, I apply one of the Sugar Lip Balms. Fresh has a great collection of them in a variety of tints. I use the one that is closer to my natural skin tone so that it gives me a little color without making it look like I am wearing lipstick and no other makeup on my face.

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Note: This post is not sponsored, but the items that I am sharing were gifted, upon request, for the purpose of this post. 

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