Preppy Winter Style

Zara Plaid Crop Top

Preppy Winter Style

On LivingLesh, I am constantly talking about how to live your luxurious lifestyle while still staying on budget. That luxurious lifestyle is inclusive of travel, home, and, of course, creating your own personal luxury style. We constantly debunk the myth that in order to live a luxurious lifestyle, you have to have a six-figure yearly salary to cover that lifestyle. Even more, on my podcast, That Luxe Life, I talk about how you can reclaim and redefine the idea of luxury and each episode goes into how you can live a luxurious lifestyle while staying within your budget. So just like the idea that luxury comes with a price tag, apparently, according to people I have spoken to, so does the idea of what preppy means.



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The definition of preppy and the style it comes from starts from the style that students wear when they attend prep school. So the style did originally originate from money, but that has changed so much now. Now whether you actually attended a prep school, your children attend it now, or whether you just saw the style from watching various movies, most of the style you see has plaid or argyle to it and in many cases, the style is not just worn by those who attend prep school. If you think about it, Cher from Clueless had a preppy style, but she attended a public school. Now, she was rich, but her style could be adapted to and not cost as much money as she made it seem that she was spending.

Plaid For The Winter


If you do some research on the preppy style, you can see that the bulk of the style deals with a lot of plaids, skater skirts, argyle, and layering – which makes it perfect for the winter season. A lot of the layering, which you all know is my favorite thing to recommend to extend your closet, deal with long-sleeved button-up tops and sweater vests.

Now the great thing about this style is that it is perfect for the winter season. Many prep schools, if they had uniforms, made their uniforms with the intention of covering up a good amount of the skin. But if you watched TV shows like Gossip Girl (the one with Blake Lively), you’ll see that many of those boundaries were pushed, and that is still something we see on the shelves.

To dress the preppy winter style, start with layering and get a lot of variety of the preppy styles. And don’t limit argyle and plaid to tops and sweaters, try plaid pants and plaid dresses to reverse the norm. Lastly, don’t be afraid to accessorize, big hair clips and knee-high socks are perfect ways to play up the preppy winter style.


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Zara Plaid Crop Top
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