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There are a number of trends out there that tend to last through time as they shift to fit the style trends of today. One of the fashion trends that is truly timeline is the puff sleeve. The puff sleeve derives from the romantic time period and matches with the romantic style that many people today still love to wear. With options such as the puff sleeve shirt and the puff sleeve dress, you can rock this trend throughout the year in years to come.

In more modern times, the puff sleeve shirt has become a statement top that many people love to wear. With it coming in various prints, sleeve lengths, and necklines, there is so much that you can do with this style of shirt. So whether you have have this type of shirt in your wardrobe already or whether you’re looking to shop it and add it to your closet, here are a few style tips for styling the puff sleeve shirt and some inspiration for adding it to your closet.

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When it comes to styling your puff sleeve shirt, there are a few things that you want to consider especially if you’re going for a very bold look to compliment this romantic style trend. Below are some aspects to consider and style tips to help you put your complete puff sleeve shirt look together whether it be for a causal date night out, a holiday party that you’ve been looking forward to for awhile, a wedding where you’re going to make the top and bottom look like one piece, or for a more sophisticated and standout look for you to head out with the girls.


Puff sleeve tops are the type of types that you want to layer over too much. Avoid wearing jackets or coats over it unless you are just wearing it as outerwear while you are traveling from one place to the other. If you are looking to layer at any point, stick with vests that don’t cover too much of the shoulder and edge closer to the neckline than towards your arms. Most puff sleeve tops, when layered over, tend to make you look bulky instead of giving off the chic vibe that you’re looking for. So as you are planning your look, pick out puff sleeve tops that fit the season that you are styling it for so that you don’t have to worry to much about layering anything over it. Puff sleeve shirts aren’t only found as short sleeved tops and you can find a great amount of puff sleeve sweaters to add to your fall wardrobe.


It’s super important to find balance in your look when styling the puff sleeve top so that you stand out in the best way possible. You’re balance should come through in every aspect such as the colors, accessories, the way your bottoms sit at your waistline, and even how you wear your hair. Make sure that you create a balance that great for the visual weight that you are carrying with your look. When trying to balance your look, a rule of thumb it to pick a color palette to stick with and if you are adding any prints decide whether your print is going to be in your top or bottom unless you are creating a look where the top and bottom look like a dress and seem to be one piece. But otherwise, aim to balance the look by keeping most of the statement pieces on one half of your body.


When it comes to matching your puff sleeve shirt with bottoms or accessories, pick colors that compliment the top. If your top has a lot of print, stick with more neutral or one-tone bottoms such as single tone pants, denim, or a one tone maxi or midi skirt. In many cases when the top has a lot of print that you look to match with another contrasting print, your look tends to look busy and it strays away from the romantic look that the puff sleeve shirt sets in.


Depending on where you are going, try to match the aesthetic of the event. In many cases, you’ll find a puff sleeve shirt can be worn for a variety of occasions whether it’s a casual event or more formal event. When styling your top, have your bottoms and accessories match towards the event that you’re going to and choose the right puff sleeve top that matches the aesthetic. For example, the animal print top in this post wouldn’t essentially match well with a upscale, floral wedding (especially because of the dark aspect and the black tones), so I wouldn’t wear it to the event as I would stand out in a more negative way. Instead, I would look for a floral or more neutral toned puff sleeve top that would match and have me stand out in a positive way.


Puff sleeve shirts can come in various lengths and fits. You may see some that are more cropped than others and some that are looser at the bottom while others are corseted. In this case, you want to make sure to focus on your waistline and choose the bottoms that will best fit the top. For a more cropped look, aim for a bottom that more high waisted. For a puff sleeve top that is more corseted, try for something that sits a little lower or even change things up and put the top over a dress.

The puff sleeve shirt trend, though typically found in short sleeves during the warm months is also a trend that you can find with long sleeves whether it be sweaters or illusions sleeves, but not matter the length or style, this trend is something that you find compliments any size and makes everyone feel confident in the look that the individual is creating.

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There are a variety of of different brands that you can shop the puff sleeve shirt. Some of my favorite places to shop this trend are Revolve and Red Dress Boutique. Both of these online boutiques carry romantic styles as well as other styles that not only compliment the puff sleeve top trend but compliment other trends that you may be looking to style right now. And if you’re looking to beyond the the top and try out some puff sleeve dresses, make sure also check out those two online stores to shop the trend even further. Below, I’ve rounded up a variety of different puff sleeve tops that you can style throughout the seasons.

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