Red: The ‘MUST WEAR’ Color for Fall

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It’s quite evident that every year when we get into that fall state of mind, that our fashion palette automatically switches from bright colors to more muted, autumn tones that match the hues that we see as the leaves begin to change. Last year, I posted about wearing yellow as a Fall tone and also about how you can still wear florals in the Fall even though everyone thinks that florals are set for Spring. And as we keep discussing what colors are great to wear during the Fall season, in this post, I want to break down one of the biggest Fall color trends – RED – and how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe this season.

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good muted tone. Neutrals are so easy and fun to style, and the fall color palette can be so warm and cozy to shop for. But I don’t always just want to go for cozy in the autumn – I want to give my look a pop, and red is the perfect choice for that. It’s such a versatile color – it can be deep and warm or bright and fun, comforting or nostalgic or sexy depending on the piece. As such, it can also be styled so many different ways, which you know I am always a fan of.

Revolve Red Maxi Dress

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Hello, autumn fashion! Autumn color palettes are so much fun to experiment, and I love channeling my inner Nora Ephron main character as I imagine myself wandering the streets of New York underneath the autumn leaves. It’s time for the season of cozy nights in and afternoons driving to see the foliage, of pumpkins and warm lattes and enjoying the magic in the air that the fall brings. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for fashion because it is so incredibly versatile. The weather can hop all over the spectrum in the autumn, which means layering is a must, and my favorite thing about layering is that it lends to so many different options and combinations. Boots and sweaters and cozy sweatshirts, oh my!

When it comes to autumn colors, one of my favorite go-to’s is a little bit less traditional of a choice: red. Red is a showstopping color, bold and warm and flattering, and it can brighten up any look no matter whether you’re incorporating it as the main piece of your outfit or if you are including it as a complementary piece to your outfit. With the dreary colors and earth tones of the fall usually taking over, wearing red brightens up the season and makes the person wearing it stand out a little more. It’s not unusual when shopping for autumn clothes to find lots of options in browns and khakis, burnt oranges and forest greens. Neutrals always have a place in fall clothing, and as a whole, autumn clothing choices don’t tend to be the brightest. That’s why I love red so much – it adds variety to a color palette that doesn’t always have a lot, and really warms and brightens the traditional colors that we think of when the new fall clothing lines come around. 

However, if I’m honest, red isn’t only a fall color in my mind. I’m one that believes that red is a color that is to be worn all year round and there are ways to make certain pieces transition easily through each season. If you’re wearing a dress or short sleeves, you can add a jacket, cardigan, or blazer over your outfit to make it great for the colder weather that comes as the season moves towards winter. I suggest wearing other burnt tones such as oranges or browns to make it a more fall look rather than wearing only black coordinating pieces and making it look gothic. Or, in the case that you have a dress such as the one in this post, wear long sleeves underneath and make its seem as if the top was a part of the dress the entire time. I’ll be styling this dress again with a white, long-sleeved top underneath to make it new for the colder weather in the fall, so make sure to stay connected and catch the look on my Instagram.

To get you started on adding the red pieces to your wardrobe that are great for fall and all year round, here are some pieces that are made for you to stand out this fall. Whether you want to incorporate red for fall through a cozy red sweater, a great pair of red boots, or some thick and warm red pants, you can’t go wrong adding this great pop of color to your closet for the autumn season ahead. Check out some of my favorite pieces below, and keep scrolling to see all of the photos from this gorgeous red dress look that I love so much!


As we head into the autumn season, I love this tiered dress. It’s such a bright and fun shade of red for fall, and the pattern on the fabric is delicate yet distinct, the perfect dainty touch. As we get further into the season and the weather begins to really cool down, I’ll begin layering it with long sleeved shirts underneath or a good sweater or shawl over top, but for now, I’m enjoying being able to wear it on its own while the weather is still warm enough. The belt adds a super flattering touch, and the whole fit of the dress is just so pleasing to the eye.

I chose to style this dress with a nude pump as it is a statement piece all on its own – you don’t have to pair it with a wild shoe. You could also wear a black heel with this dress to tie to the belt and I think that would look great as well! I would suggest complimenting the dress with silver accent jewelry to tie in to the belt buckle and create an overall cohesive look.

Revolve House Of Harlow Maxi Dress
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