The Resort Outfits I Wore on My Jamaican Vacation

Location: Caribbean, Jamaica,
revolve swimsuit

After sharing our parent’s getaway to Montego Bay, Jamaica at Secrets Resorts and Spa Wild Orchid, I felt that it was so necessary to share with you all the resort outfits that I wore while on the trip. When I started packing for the trip, I knew that I wanted to pack at least two outfits per day. On resorts, the day activities are very different than the night outfits, and I wanted to feel as if during the night, my husband and I were heading out on a date night so that warranted a completely different look. If you’re looking for one main tip to help you pick out outfits to pack for a beach getaway, my biggest tip is that you pack outfits that make you feel comfortable but also outfits that will allow you to showcase your personality and personal style. Each of the outfits that I packed spoke to who I am and while we were at the resort.

So as your packing for the islands, think about what your personal style and also don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes if you’re going on any excursions. When we spent a day in the Bahamas while on a cruise, we took a Jeep excursion and I made sure to wear something that was comfortably appropriate. I’m not one that likes to hike in jeans or in a dress.

In this post, you can see all of the resort outfits that I wore while on our trip and I’ve also linked all of the outfits in this post just in case they speak to your personal style too and you want to snag them for any of your upcoming resort vacations.


The Island Maiden

LivingLesh wearing lulus tropical maxi dress

jamaica vacation
Iesha of LivingLesh at jamaica montego bay
Iesha of LivingLesh wearing lulus blue maxi dress

Party on the Island

Iesha of LivingLesh wearing kelton mini dress

The Jungle on the Beach

Iesha of LivingLesh wearing neela mini dress

Iesha of LivingLesh sitting poolside on a rooftop bar in jamaica
Iesha of LivingLesh at breathless altitude restaurant in jamica
Iesha of LivingLesh at a Jamaican rooftop bar
LivingLesh wearing lulus kimono dress

Just Gettin’ Cutesy

Iesha of LivingLesh in jamaica on a beach bar swing Iesha of LivingLesh wearing esperanza short set

Resort Date Night

Iesha of LivingLesh in revolve majorelle dress

Iesha of LivingLesh wearing majorelle scout dress
LivingLesh wearing revolve majorelle scout dress

Let’s Go Shimmy

Iesha of LivingLesh wearing wynn dress

Iesha of LivingLesh wearing revolve wynn dress
Iesha of LivingLesh surrounded by Jamaican florals

It’s Cheeky Being Beachy

LivingLesh wearing revolve pink swimsuit

 Iesha of LivingLesh wearing revolve swimsuit
Iesha of LivingLesh wearing revolve tularosa swim
Iesha of LivingLesh in tularosa swim

Goddess in Paradise

Iesha of LivingLesh in asos swim

Iesha of LivingLesh on the jamaica beach
Iesha of LivingLesh having jamaica beach fun
LivingLesh in one piece bathing suit on Jamaican beach

As Calm On the Shore

LivingLesh in the secrets resorts and spa swim out

LivingLesh at the secrets resorts preferred club
Iesha of LivingLesh in resort swim out pool
LivingLesh in asos white swim

A Beautiful Simplicity

LivingLesh wearing everything but water swimsuit




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