How to Rock the Animal Print Trend

Lovers And Friends Leopard Sweater Dress

Lovers And Friends Sweater Dress

Everyone is talking about the animal print trend – me included. I mean, I just posted about accentuating animal print in your outfit just last week, and now, I’m back to share with you how to rock the animal print trend. I know that I did this in reverse. I should have started with this post and then moved to the next post, but that’s life. Sometimes it’s backwards and sometimes it is in a straight line. But either way, we are going to keep talking about the animal print trend and how you can make it your own.



When it comes to rocking the animal print trend, the basic premise is to make sure that you’re making the style your own. Don’t just keep duplicating looks that you see that don’t fit you because it will take away from the confidence in your look and thus, take away from the look overall.

Confidence is key in rocking any print. If you don’t have confidence in what you are wearing, it will show, and the look will become haphazard and look like it’s not put together well.

For me, I always say that the more print the better. Which is why when I pick out pieces that have animal print, I try to pick out pieces where the print is mostly the entire outfit or the central piece to the outfit. In the case of this look, I wanted to make sure that this leopard print dress stood out and fit my petite frame. So in order to pull the print forward, I made sure to also wear some solid black accessories that made the black in the entire outfit stand out.

This dress, when worn straight off the hanger, does have a wider look, so I decided to cinch my waist with a belt and have the dress look as if it is was fit right to me – making it my own. I’ve seen other people with the same dress and because we all took the time to have the dress fit to our size and our personal style, it looks different on all of us. We are all rocking that animal print, but we all have different highlights in our outfits that make each look stand out from the other.

Leopard prints never lose their spots or station in fashion.

– Iman

Lovers And Friends Leopard Sweater Dress
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