How to Rock the Animal Print Trend

Lovers And Friends Leopard Sweater Dress

Everyone is talking about the animal print trend – me included. I mean, I just posted about accentuating animal print in your outfit just last week, and now, I’m back to share with you how to rock the animal print trend. I know that I did this in reverse. I should have started with this post and then moved to the next post, but that’s life. Sometimes it’s backwards and sometimes it is in a straight line. But either way, we are going to keep talking about animal print clothes and how you can make them your own.

Animal print is bold and stylish, and can be styled so many different ways. I’ve been so excited to see it trending in the fashion world recently, and have been plotting to bring this post to life for you. I love the confidence that animal print clothing brings out – it’s so bold that you can’t help but be bold yourself when you wear it. If you’re looking to give your closet a facelift and take on a whole new life, it’s time to learn how to take advantage of the animal print trend and style it for yourself. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

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Lovers And Friends Sweater Dress


When it comes to rocking the animal print trend, the basic premise is to make sure that you’re making the style your own. Animal print can be tricky to style, but it’s harder when you try to force something that doesn’t feel right for you. Don’t just keep duplicating looks that you see that don’t fit you because it will take away from the confidence in your look and thus, take away from the look overall. Confidence is key in rocking any print. Printed clothing is bold, exciting, and fun, and if you wear it with confidence, that vibe will exude from you as well. If you don’t have confidence in what you are wearing, it will show, and the look will become haphazard and look like it’s not put together well.

For me, I always say that the more print the better. Which is why when I pick out pieces that have animal print, I try to pick out pieces where the print is mostly the entire outfit or the central piece to the outfit. When you wear a bold print, the printed item has to be the statement piece in the look. It draws attention, so you want the attention drawn to be intentional. In the case of this look, I wanted to make sure that this leopard print dress stood out and fit my petite frame. So in order to pull the print forward, I made sure to also wear some solid black accessories that made the black in the entire outfit stand out. The black accessories complimented the zebra print so well, and really tied the look together and made it cohesive.

This dress, when worn straight off the hanger, does have a wider look, so I decided to cinch my waist with a belt and have the dress look as if it is was fit right to me – making it my own. For my body, wearing the dress with a belt made it much more flattering than it would have been otherwise. I’ve seen other people with the same dress and because we all took the time to have the dress fit to our size and our personal style, it looks different on all of us. We are all rocking that animal print, but we all have different highlights in our outfits that make each look stand out from the other. That’s why making fashion your own is so important. Style is such an individual thing. Wear the things that make YOU feel confident – those will always be the looks that make you look and feel your best.


There are so many stylish animal prints to choose from. As animal print has become more and more popular, more prints have come into popularity as well, and I love that there are so many options to reach for when I decide that I’m in the mood to rock an animal print.

Zebra print is an obvious favorite, as you can see from this dress. I love the boldness of it, and styling zebra print with black and white accessories is so effortlessly chic. I also like to add gold accents to my zebra print centric outfits for an extra touch of elegance and glam. The gold pairs so well with the black and white for an upscale look that I love.

Leopard print and cheetah prints are always popular when animal print clothing comes back into style. Have you ever wondered the difference between the two? I never used to know, but I’ve mastered it by now. The difference is in the shape of the spots. Leopard print is a rosette shape, which is a rose-like marking. Cheetah print, on the other hand, is a solid circle or oval shape. Cheetah and leopard print are so popular that they are almost considered neutrals at this point. They can be styled with either brown or black accessories for a warm neutral look, or can be dressed up with a pop of color if you’re putting together a fun and bright look that really pops.

Snake print is also a stylish and sexy animal print to add to your roster. I love the texture of it – there’s a reason that we see so many snake skin accessories, from purses to belts to shoes and beyond. But snake skin shouldn’t only be reserved for accessories – it works well as a statement clothing piece of its own, as well. A snake skin dress or skirt is such an upscale, chic piece of clothing, and it will always be such a stylish choice for any occasion.


I admit – when I first heard that animal print clothes were coming back into style, I was a little bit hesitant. When we think of animal print, many of us think, “Isn’t animal print from the 70’s and 80’s? Has it really made a comeback?”

The answer is yes – it definitely has. And there are so many different occasions to which you can wear animal print clothes!

I have gotten super into wearing animal prints for a night out on the town. There are so many stylish animal print maxi dresses, and as animal prints pair so well with black shoes, boots, or accessories, animal prints can be styled in an incredibly elegant and upscale way. The class and glamour of animal print clothing cannot be understated, and I love wearing my favorite prints for a date night, upscale event, or evening out.

On the flip side, animal print clothing can also be styled in a much more understated way for everyday wear. Animal print tops are super cute and easy to style with a simple pair of jeans or black pants. Plus, animal prints have even begun to make their way into athleisure and workout clothes, so you can grab some great casual tops or even animal print workout sets! Check your favorite stores – I can guarantee there are animal print offers in every category that you’ll love. These casual animal print outfits can be worn anytime – at home, out on errands, grabbing lunch or coffee, or for a day at the office. When it comes to animal print, the options are limitless!

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