The Best Romance Movies to Watch on Netflix This Valentine’s Day 2022

Netflix Romance Movies for Valentine's Day

How are you getting ready for Valentine’s Day? Have you gotten your plans together yet? For us, we are really considering a night in so that we can spend Valentine’s Day with our little nugget as well. But again, we are still trying to figure things out. There’s still a possibility of a Valentine’s Day day date which has been the topic of our discussion lately. But if your considering a night in like us, you may have already thought of the meal you are going to make. Maybe, you’ve even considered some games to play. Have you figured out those movies? There are quite a lot of options out there when it comes to figuring out what to do for Valentine’s Day, and if you’re like me, sometimes it comes down to what is a fun guy-approved Valentine’s Day date.

If you’re planning on staying in, you might be considering sitting down and nuzzling with your partner or friends to watch some movies. If that is the case, I also recommend making some Valentine’s Day cocktails such as Cupid’s Kiss and The Love Potion to go along with your movie watching and snuggling.

With all of us having that Netflix addiction, we know that there are tons of movies to sort through, and you may be thinking of where to start. So I’m going to share some top romance movies on Netflix that will be great to watch as you snuggle up with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.


after movie series romance movie on netflix


Originating as a book series, this series follows along with the story of Hardin and Tessa as they try to maintain their love while dealing with their own personal struggles. With all three released movies available on Netflix, you’ll find yourself binge watching the movies to follow the story of these two young lovers as they go through ups and downs of their relationship in such a fiery, passionate way. It is has been said that this series is the young adult version of Fifty Shades so expect some intimate scenes. When I saw the first movie, I immediately went and read through all of the novels and I must say I’m hooked. With the last movie coming to release in late 2022, you’ll find yourself sucked into this love story, reading the books, and then anxiously awaiting the last movie to be released.
falling-inn-love romance movie


Falling Inn Love follows a lead character played by Christina Milan as she leaves her life behind to pursue her dream of owning and inn after she wins one in a random drawing that she entered into after a few glasses of wine. On her journey to pursue her dream, she runs into a gorgeous man who she originally tries to resist, but as they grow to get to know each other their relationship blossoms. I will admit that I’ve watched this movie quite a few times because it’s such a great feel-good, romantic movie.


This movie has been one of the highly anticipated romance movies on Netflix ever since the release of the first movie. If you haven’t watched the first of the series, make sure to catch up on that first or, if you’re thinking of watching two movies, watch To All The Boys I Loved Before first and then go forward and watch the second movie. For those who have seen the first one, you know what to expect. But instead of our main character, Laura Jean, looking for love, she is now stuck in between deciding whether the boy she is in love with is the boy that she is REALLY in love with. The ever so cute moments of a teenage rom-com that is still going to melt your heart.
The-Movie-Something-Borrowed romance


This book turned movie follows a woman who internally battles with following her heart or continuing to keep quiet about her love because of the love that she has for her best friend. You’ll find yourself relating deeply to the main character who is struggling to figure out how to stand up for herself and fight for the life and love that she deserves. I love this movie because there is so much that you question about the intentions of all of the characters and it shows how adults stumble through life to figure out what they want and that adults don’t always have it together 100% of the time. It’s definitely a fun movie that is not only great to watch with your partner for Valentine’s Day but great for a Galentine’s Day movie gathering.


I know it’s not Christmas, but these movies are perfect all year round. The A Christmas Prince trilogy follows a writer as she falls in love with a prince in the first movie to all the way where they are expecting their first child in the third of the collection. If you enjoyed The Prince & Me, you’ll definitely enjoy these movies. Personally, they are all movies that I have watched numerous times because each moment is so heart-melting.
the princess switch romance netflix movie


This movie series features Vanessa Hudgens not playing one, not even two, but three characters who are able to switch places and act as one another in order to get the goal that they are trying to reach. The series has many cute elements of it and brings in the Christmas royalty romance aspect that has been seen a lot on Netflix. The characters all pursue different love interests while also trying to navigate the complexities of royal duty. Expect a little bit of green screen visuals and awkward standing because there is one actress playing three people, but don’t let that deter you from watching this absolutely adorable romantic movie on Netflix.
the half of it romance movie


This coming-of-age movie shows a young girl coming out of her shell and dealing the the feelings that she has for another girl while also navigating friendship. If you’re looking for a predictable love story, this isn’t the movie that you’ll want to watch, but if you’re looking for a movie the focuses on what it is to navigate love and friendship and life as you are discovering yourself then this is the movie that is for you. I appreciate that this movie, though showcasing the love story that is within it, focuses on a young woman growing and a developing friendship. It’s a story about a friendship that has secrets that threaten it, but also shows how having someone there for you that supports you is one of the biggest gifts that you can have.
last-letter-your-lover-netflix romance movie


One of my favorite romance movies on Netflix is The Last Letter from Your Lover. The movie follows a journalist after she finds love letters from the past that inspire her to find the two people who wrote the love letters and write a story about their love. The movie takes place over two time periods as it follows the love story of the writers of the letters and the journalists love story. One big aspect that I appreciate about this movie is that it shows the true issues that comes with love and dealing with the circumstances that life has dealt you. It shows how there is not always and easy answer that following your heart isn’t always something that can be done when it affects others who need you. I also love how the story does show how love is timeless and that it is never too late.


A New York hair stylist finds herself being the love interest of a royal who is currently in an arranged marriage that he doesn’t want to be in. This movie takes on some similar romance movie aspects, but the cute and funny elements make this a movie worth watching. The main character is a charistamic young woman who is set out to make a difference in the world and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, which is the exact woman that is needed to inspire this young prince who ends up falling in love with her. Of course, there is some meddling that happens but that is to be expected. You’ll want to watch this movie for the love story, the fun BFFs that add extra funny elements to the story, and to end up watching another Cinderella story come to life.
holidate netflix romance movie


This funny romantic comedy starting Emma Roberts is one that left me giggling and watching it over and over again. The two main characters play so well off of each other. The story of the movie follows two singles who have a similar mindset about dating. They end up making a pact that each holiday, if they don’t have a date, they would be each other’s date so that neither would feel lonely or have to deal with family or friends asking about their relationship status. And in typical rom-com fashion, the two end up falling in love but don’t know how to share their feelings for each other with one another. I find this movie to be relatable and fun to watch.
Netflix Romance Movies for Valentine's Day
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