Best Ruffle Maxi Dresses for Summer

Summer Ruffle Maxi Dress

The ruffle maxi dress is a staple of the summer. It’s a style of dress that is flattering on pretty much any body type, and with so many variances of the style, it allows every person looking to style the dress to find one that fits the occasion it is being worn for.

I am a true lover of the maxi dress. Though I often use to think that I couldn’t wear maxi dresses as a petite woman, I eventually found that many petite friendly boutiques to shop and then also found ways to alter a dress without actually having to do any sewing.

For those who are looking for a little feminine style, the ruffle maxi dress is the way to go. The styles allow you to wear the dress for a summer aesthetic luxury picnic or even wear as a guest to a summer wedding and style it in a way that makes it look boho or just super sweet.

Either way, you’ll want to add this type of maxi dress to your wardrobe. In this post, I’ll be sharing some tips on styling the look and showcasing some top styles that you can shop and add to your closet.

Summer Ruffle Maxi Dresses


They key to styling a ruffle maxi dress is to have the dress speak for itself. You don’t want to overtake the dress with too many accessories such as belts, oversized handbags, or high boots. Instead, find a style that fits you with colorful prints or just stellar ruffles and keep the accessories neutral. Belts, hats, and cute shoes are still essential to putting the look together, but you want to avoid belts that have additional prints if you dress has a print on it already, and certain aspects like that.

You also want to avoid doing too much layering. Typically, when you find a ruffle maxi dress, you’ll find many of the ruffles on the sleeves. So if you have a blazer or an oversized flannel shirt that just covers up the ruffles and completely diminishes the purpose of the look.


Ruffle maxi dresses are trending and for good reasons. The maxi dress not only gives off a summery feminine essence, but it also is great for creating a style illusion that makes you look taller than you actually are. As a petite woman, I’m often looking to find trends and style hacks that create length so that I can look taller. But this trend is more than just the creation of the illusion, the style of dress is just one that is essential to everyone’s closet. You can find the style in so many prints and patterns, colors, and styles. Plus it is a dress that will fit for a date night out on one day and then you can still wear that same dress to a wedding on another day.

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Summer Ruffle Maxi Dress
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