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When I started college about seven years ago (oh, my gosh…I just realized how long ago that was), I was so excited to start off on my own and take my first steps into adulthood. But of course, my parents were all over me about being responsible, being aware of my surroundings, and not wandering around by myself. At the time, I nodded and halfway listened like a typical teenager, but now looking back, I understand their worry. 

There are so many risks into today’s society and college campuses are big on attacks and assaults. And honestly, there are moments when you have to take a late evening stroll back to your dorm by yourself after a late 7-10 class. But there are still ways to stay safe & for stylish fashionistas like myself, there’s a way to stay safe & stylish.

Meet Aubry Lane.

Aubry Lane is a handbag company where you can purchase a handbag in the style that you are looking for and receive a GPS amulet that will keep you safe – especially after those late night classes.

The amulet is a GPS tracker that contains its own phone number. All you have to do is charge it, set the emergency contact numbers, and place it in the hidden compartment in your handbag. Then if you are every in an emergency situation, you just hit that middle SOS button and the amulet and it begins in emergency protocol all while tracking your location.

This is also helpful if your bag is every stolen or if you leave it somewhere by mistake. You can head to the website or use the online app, and you’ll have the exact location of your handbag.

With the Aysel backpack, you can walk around campus carrying all your class essentials all while staying safe & stylish.

Or if you’re not in school, this is also a great option for traveling. I carry the amulet with me in my various handbags when I travel on my own and with the backpack, I can easily carry my travel camera.



{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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