My Honest Samsung Frame TV Review

Samsung Frame Tv Review

When we began building our custom home, we made the decision that we were going to try to make each room new – especially the living room. For the first part of our living room, we ended up getting a new couch and accent chairs from Albany Park, and then to make the room complete, we decided on getting a Samsung Frame TV. I had been obsessed with it after reading just one Samsung Frame TV review, so when the time came to decide on a new tv for our living room, I went and read a few more reviews before we made the purchase and added the TV to our living area.

Now, I know that many people tend to be on the fence when it comes to purchasing this TV. Let’s be honest, it’s not the most affordable TV on the market. So many people tend to stop and consider other options before even considering purchasing this TV. We were in the same boat, but we decided to make the investment and it’s been one that we have been quite happy with. Now that we have had the TV for going on a year now, I wanted to stop and provide a full Samsung Frame TV review for those who are in search of buying a new TV and considering this one as an option.

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Review Of Samsung Frame Tv


The Samsung Frame TV brings art and technology together as it is meant to allow you to watch TV in the living space of your choice while also doubling the TV as a piece of art when you are not watching. Like many other Samsung products, it can be considered a costly addition to your home with the price of the TV ranging from $600 to $3,000 depending on the screen size and specific model features. While this may seem steep compared to standard TVs, the Frame TV offers unique benefits that make the price make sense. Some of these features, which is exactly what drew us in, include the ability to transform into a piece of art when not in use, customizable frames to match the aesthetic of the space and superior picture quality.

Samsung Frame Tv Mount

Set Up

When we purchased our Samsung Frame TV, we made the purchase right from Best Buy since I wanted to see the TV up close prior to making the purchase and I wanted to use my Best Buy credit card and utilize the rewards and benefits. It was at that time, that I did learn about the varying of the prices and the fact that you can’t get the frame with the TV. In some Best Buys, the frame is available as a separate purchase for you to also take with you, but at the location that we went it, it was the TV and that was it. It’s pretty light, so if you have two people to pick up the TV due to its size, you can easily transport it.

Once at home, we took notice to how slim the TV was which made it highly evident that it would need to be mounted flush to the wall. Our 65″ Frame TV came with a wall mount and instructions which would have made it easy to mount ourselves, but since we were opting for a wireless mounting and didn’t want to cut into our wall ourselves, we brought in a servicer to mount our TV and it took him less than an hour to mount the TV and set it up for us.

Once mounted, without the frame, and the TV was able to be connected super easily to the other systems we had for out living room including my husband’s PS5, our cable box, and our sound system.

Frame From Samsung Frame Tv

Upon the original purchase, we didn’t have a frame to go with it. I had my eye on the teak frame to match the aesthetic of our living room, but took some time to check out all of the frame options available. Samsung offers its own frames to go along with the Samsung Frame TV, but there are also other custom ones that you can order from third party vendors.

Depending on the size of your TV is how much the frame itself is going to cost. We opted for the teak color straight from Samsung, which we purchased from Amazon, and at full price it cost a little under $200. It’s super easy to put the frame on as it magnetically connects to the TV and has a little part that connects each corner in the back. I truly liked how easy it was to put the frame on because it gave me the ability to work on completing the frame setup while I had my husband doing other things in the house.


When putting together an aesthetically pleasing living area, you may be someone who doesn’t want a TV taking away from the overall look of your room. For some people, they opt to just not include a TV, but if you’re like me, that was a battle I lost to my husband who was adamant that we have a TV in the living room. The Samsung Frame TV allowed us to compromise so that we could have the TV while also being able to keep the clean look of our living room. Between the added frame, the flush mount to the wall and the options of art that you can add, it brings the room together so that it’s aesthetically pleasing and functional for the entire family.

Picture Quality

I have to say that when we first turned the TV on, I was quite impressed with the picture quality. Now, you may be thinking that I am just saying this in this review to try to convince you that you need this TV, but I am honestly telling you that it was one of the clearest pictures that I had seen in quite a while. The 4K QLED quality is stunning. Combined with the 4K option on Netflix, our cable, and other streaming services, I feel like I can see every line in someone’s face and details of the background. The picture quality itself made this TV worth the cost.

Art Inclusions

With the Samsung Frame TV, you’ll obviously want to select a photo to show as your piece of art for when the TV is idle. The TV does come with some free options as static images as well as moving images, but it’s important to note that the art store that is on the TV is, in fact, a store. There are less than 15 options for free art with some changing each month, and other options are for purchase individually or with a subscription with the art store.


One thing that we haven’t done and was the one small thing that I didn’t like about the Samsung Frame TV is that there are so many great art options, but in order to add them to your TV screen, you need a monthly membership to the art store. Though the fee is less than most streaming services, it just isn’t something that we wanted to pay for especially after us spending money on the TV. But either way there are still great free options and we get by. Just every once and awhile I’ll click on an art image only to be told it’s not free.


You also have the ability to send your pictures to the TV so that you can turn your pictures into frame art to display in your house. Depending on the type of photo you take and how you take it will dictate the quality of the photo on the screen. For example, if you try to stretch a photo out that is already low quality, it will display low quality and may not look much like art as you would like it.

Samsung Frame Tv Review
Samsung Frame Tv

Smart TV Features

The Samsung Frame TV has great smart TV features. Once set up, you can plug in a game system which will then display on it’s own interface with options, and then, of course, there’s an App Store that lets you seamlessly connect your cable and streaming services with ease.


There are a vast collection of apps within the App Store including the streaming services along with many other things that you can use to take full advantage of the TV. There are even games that you can download and play for entertainment for adults as well as for kids. It’s super easy to navigate and once you have your high speed internet connected to it, everything downloads super quickly.


In addition to the apps for the streaming service, you can also connect through Apple TV as well as with Google Cast. If there is a video on TikTok or Instagram you want to share with those in the room, you can screencast your phone to the TV for easy sharing of those videos on your screen as well as just general screen casting of anything else.

Additionally, for those who need a bigger monitor in connection with their computer, you can connect and/or screen share you computer screen to the TV as an extension so that you can use the Samsung Frame TV as a dual monitor for working, taking virtual meetings, and more.

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