Second Baby Gift Ideas

Second Baby Gift Ideas Tips

You know the drill – when someone has their first baby, it doesn’t take any time at all before friends and family go wild with gifts of all kinds. But the etiquette is a little more uncertain when it comes to a second baby – what are the best second baby gift ideas? You don’t want to give mom and baby something that they already own, but you still want to show your support in this exciting but exhausting time.

Your second time having kids is just as exciting as your first in a whole new way. Your family is shifting again, and there are a whole host of emotions that come with that. When your loved one is having your second (or third, or fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or…) baby, you want to be sure to come alongside them to show your love. If you’re looking for great second baby gift ideas, I have you covered with this list of all of my favorite choices.


Do you find yourself wondering what to purchase as you shop for a gift for a second baby? Shopping for a first baby is a breeze because the mom needs absolutely everything, but a second baby is a little trickier. After all, she probably already has most of the things that she needs from Baby #1 – so what’s the perfect gift? Do you actually need to get a gift for a second child?

Absolutely! While a completely different experience, having a second child is just as exciting as having your first, and deserves to be celebrated. Even if there isn’t going to be a baby shower, you can still give the perfect gift to show how excited you are for Baby #2.

As I’m currently expecting my second child, I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about second baby gifts. Today on the blog, I wanted to share some of my top picks with you to give you a little bit of inspiration the next time that you’re shopping for a second baby gift.


From gifts for Mom to gifts for baby or the firstborn child, there are so many options when shopping for gifts to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to give you all of the inspiration that you need!

1. Double Stroller

If you and a few friends want to go in on a gift together, there’s nothing more perfect than a double stroller for the mom of two little ones. Going out and about with multiple kids can be a huge challenge, but a double stroller can make those adventures so much easier – and not like you’ll have to spend a week summoning the energy to do it again.

2. Entertainment for the Older Siblings

When a new baby comes around, the older kids will be on their own a little more than usual while the parents are adjusting to having another kid around the house. Bringing something fun for the older kids to do will help them stay occupied and engaged, keeping them out of their parents’ hair and making them feel special. It’s easy for the older kiddos to feel forgotten in the midst of all of the chaos – new babies are a lot of work! – so doing something fun for them will help them feel cared for, too.

3. An Outing for the Older Sibling

Another great way to help out a family that’s just had another baby is to take the older kid – or kids! – off their parents’ hands for a bit with a fun outing. Not only will it give Mom some extra time to rest or spend time bonding with the new baby, but it will help keep the older kids occupied and happy and keep them feeling special during a time where they probably won’t be getting as much attention.

4. Baby Lotion

Since moms will often already have a lot of the standard baby items courtesy of their first child, it can be the most helpful to purchase items that will be used up to help keep Mom stocked. I love this baby lotion – it’s moisturizing, soft on baby’s skin, and doesn’t contain harmful parabens or harsh fragrances.

5. Sleep Books

One of the hardest parts of having a new baby is the loss of sleep that comes with it. Pregnancy is already difficult on your body, and then stepping into a season of off-kilter sleep schedules is even more exhausting. I like to share some practical resources for new moms hoping to find a better sleep balance. This sleep book on healthy sleep habits is a great starting point!

6. Diaper Bag

I think that it’s always fun to get a diaper bag refresh when you have another child. You spend so much time hauling a diaper bag around that you deserve to love it, and depending on how long it’s been since your last child, the trends may have changed – or just your personal style! A cute new diaper bag is always a fun choice for a second time mom.

7. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are another item that really tend to go through the ringer on your first child. It’s great to be able to start fresh when you have your second child, which makes a baby carrier a great choice when you’re looking for second baby gift ideas. I love this ergonomic baby carrier because it provides fantastic lumbar support. Let’s be honest – our backs could all use a little extra TLC.

8. Freezer Meals

It doesn’t matter whether you’re having your first, second, or tenth baby – the last thing that you want to worry about when you’re freshly postpartum is coordinating meals for your family. Bringing a new mom freezer meals is one of the best ways to take added stress off of her plate and make the adjustment to a family of four as smooth as possible.

9. Baby Book

There’s nothing more precious than being able to look back at sweet memories of your child’s first few years. It can be easy to forget to take the time to document those early days when you’re juggling two children for the first time, so gifting the mom in your life with a baby book can be the perfect encouragement for them to capture memories along the way.

10. Gift Basket

The whole process of bringing a child earthside is a grueling one. From the moment that you learn you have a little one on the way, your days are quickly filled with preparations, rough pregnancy symptoms, the struggle to decide on baby names, and wondering what it will be like to expand your family in this new and exciting way. Moms deserve to be pampered a bit, and a sweet, thoughtful gift basket is the perfect way to do just that. I love finding a basket that has gift items for both mom and baby, and you can find so many great pre-made options online – or you can build your own specifically for your gift recipient! Gift baskets can be a fun group gift, too – come together to fill a basket with items that may not have been on a registry but are sure to brighten her day nonetheless.

11. House Cleaning Services

Nothing makes a new mom feel more loved or puts her more at ease than taking overwhelming tasks off of her plate. She’s tired and trying to adjust to life as a family of four – the last thing that she wants to deal with is tidying up the house or deep cleaning it. House cleaning services can be a true relief of a gift – just make sure to communicate so that you can set the services up in a way that is convenient for her.

12. Cute Baskets

Having another baby around tends to accumulate lots of clutter, from toys to diaper supplies and beyond. I’ve often found that new moms love having some cute baskets to act as catch-alls for all of the bits and piece that can get scattered about in the midst of having a new baby at home. I love soft woven baskets as they fit many different spaces, are gentle for baby to play with, and are neutral and chic for any home aesthetic.

13. Baby Swaddle Wrap

Swaddle wraps are a game changer when it comes to caring for newborns. They can easily get worn out from all of the wear and tear of newborn life, so I’ve found that a fresh pack of baby swaddle wraps makes for the perfect gift for a second baby. You can choose from so many cute and fun patterns and colors, and they’re sure to make any second time mom’s life easier.

14. Pacifier Pack

Let’s be honest – if there’s anything I know, it’s that nothing disappears more quickly than a newborn baby’s pacifier. Whether it slips out of your bag or your baby tosses it when you’re not looking, I found throughout the entirety of my first son’s early years that pacifiers seemed to disappear more quickly than I knew what to do with. Make sure that the mom in your life is well-stocked for round two with a pack of fresh new pacifiers. I love that you can get a pack in so many fun colors, and that there are so many different options, from bright colors to pastels to neutrals and muted tones and beyond.

15. Throw a Baby Sprinkle

One of the sweetest thing that you can do for a mom expecting her second child is to throw her a baby sprinkle. Oftentimes, you don’t celebrate in the same way once you make it past your first child, but the truth is, every pregnancy is special, no matter how many kids you have. Gathering with your community to celebrate is a precious experience, and by throwing the expecting mom in your life a baby sprinkle, you’ll create a memory that she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

A sprinkle is the perfect time for everyone to come together to give mom one group gift, or to fill lots of smaller needs, like diapers. You can also choose to skip the presents altogether and just spend time together, or craft something like an encouraging journal or memory box for mom and her new baby. Remember – it’s all about the intentionality and thoughtfulness, not about the material items.

16. Baby Books

If you ask me, you can never have too many books for your child. Fostering a love of reading starts at home, and books make the perfect gift for any baby! To be safe, stick to 2023 or 2024 releases so you can be sure that it’s not already a part of their collection.


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