How Self-Care Has Made Me a Better Mom

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As I’ve shared multiple times, I made the choice to switch careers and be a working stay at home mom because I wanted to be with my son and enjoy each and every moment of his early life. Because I made that choice, there are rare moments that I have time for myself. But even though those moments are rare, they are absolutely essential. I’ve talked about the importance of self-care before, but now I want to share with you how self-care has helped me not only be a better me but be a better mom for my son.

I will admit that I wasn’t always one that valued the importance of self-care. Starting from my college years, I was just so busy running around trying to do everything and almost anything that I forgot that I couldn’t fully enjoy the moments I was having because I wasn’t my best self. So when my son was born, I made the commitment that I need to take care of myself so that I’m there for each and every moment.

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You may be asking: “how do I get those moments of self-care if I rarely get a moment to myself?” The truth is that I don’t. Moments of self-care don’t always have to be solo. They just have to be moments when you feel like you are taking care of yourself whether it be your inner self, your outer self, or both. And for me, my self-care moments are actually with my son.

At least three times a week, my son and I spend time outside. We go for walks or we hang out on our deck. He finds the outside so fascinating and I take those times to show him things and teach him about what he sees. We are both getting fresh air and enjoying the sights that we see. The moment spent with him cares for my inner self.

Now, of course, with me being a huge advocate for skincare, I have to take care of my outer self as well when it comes to my self-care moments. So that’s why I use the Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 40. After cleansing my skin and before putting on any type of make-up, even if it’s just primer and a little bit of powder, I want to make sure that my skin is moisturized and also protected. It’s simple and quick to apply and blends in so smoothly and evenly.

My morning routine usually involves my son being attached to me the entire time. So, any product that I add to my routine can’t stop me from holding him or interacting with him. And adding in the Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 40 has definitely been a positive. There have been products that I have used that have caused me to have to wipe my hands right after, but not with this moisturizer from Olay.


Often times, when I don’t feel good on the outside, I don’t feel good on the inside. And then comes the sluggishness. And as everyone knows, when you’re sluggish, you don’t want to do anything besides lay on the couch and disassociate. But with these moments of self-care, I’m able to feel energized and interact with my son more. We play, we read, we dance, and we even sing. And the interaction with him has made him such a happy and loving baby that loves to explore.

So, whether you are a mom or not, moments of self-care make you a better you which is why it is so important. When you have moments of self-care, people will begin to notice how different you are because of how much better you’ll feel. So if you do anything, I highly suggest adding the Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 40 to your morning routine, because in those few seconds of self-care, you’ll be making yourself feel better on the outside and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll also feel better on the inside.

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