The Beauty of the Future | Senior Portraits with StephVPhotography + Express

High School Graduation

High School Senior Portraits Lehigh Valley

Senior Portraits Allentown Photographer
Stephanie Vasiliadis Allentown Photographer
Lehigh Valley Photographer Stephanie Vasiliadis
Senior Portraits Lehigh Valley Photographer

There are not many times in life that I am able to combine my love for teaching and empowering with my love for fashion and personal style. Recently, I began working alongside Stephanie Vasiliadis – a Lehigh Valley portrait photographer with a specialty in senior portraits – as a stylist for her senior portraits. In this past month, she searched for a small selection of high school upperclassmen to be the faces of the 2018 Senior Portrait team.

So, as we end the 2016-2017 school year, Stephanie and I would like to introduce you to the 2018 Senior Model Team.

These young women are upcoming high school seniors that are preparing for their final year in high school which will be the final step before heading out into the world and making their mark.

As a high school teacher, it is always an amazing experience to be able to meet young individuals who will be the future. And as I was able to style and talk to these gorgeous ladies, I felt confident that our future is going to be bright and prosperous.

These girls are beautiful both inside and out. They have an awareness for who they are and where they want to go in life. They are courteous, and young women who are not afraid to say what they are thinking.

Photography: StephVPhotography

Makeup Artist: Joanne B.

Clothing: Express

Accessories: Icing & special selections from PopSugar Must Have Box

Stylist: LivingLesh



Stephanie Vasiliadis Lehigh Valley Photographer

Meet Ellen – @ellen_spohn

Portrait Photographer In Lehigh Valley
Stephanie Vasiliadis

For our first shoot, we partners with Express to dress these girls in upcoming fashion that represented their personality and style.

Each girl represented what we like to call our “school superlatives”.

We had our Most School Spirited – which matched with Ellen’s personality and style. We dressed her in flowwy floral looks with pastels and brighter hues. Her polite and spunky personality and ability to fit into any conversation that happened throughout the shoot.

Then we had our Girl Boss – a superlative fit for Emiliana who was not afraid to share what she wanted. Her bold personality allowed us to create a style around her that was fit with a medium color palette and styled looks that had an edge but still kept a look of professionalism.

Lastly, we had Most Likely to Become a Fashion Commentator. That fit with Liyah. When she first arrived to pre-shoot she had a style of her own. She has her own upcoming blog which proves that this superlative is fit for her. We dressed her in outfits that make a statement and accessories that compliment the outfit but don’t take away from her natural beauty.

Portraits Allentown Photographer

Meet Liyah – @liyah_r_m

Portraits Lehigh Valley Photographer
Senior Photos By Stephanie Vasiladias
Graduation Photos
High School Senior

Of course, as we celebrate these young women and allow them to bond with us and each other, we also want to celebrate their accomplishments. They have made it to the end of their high school career and they are preparing to embark on their life journey.

So it was only fit to dress them in white (as for graduation) and put them in a look that shows off their natural beauty.

I am so excited to working alongside Stephanie and these young women for 2018. And if you are a high school upperclassman looking to have senior portraits done, knows someone who is looking to have them done, or if you are looking for a portrait photographer – I highly advise to contact Stephanie Vasiliadis. Her photography is amazing – you can see it from these pictures and the photography throughout my other style posts.

See her portfolio, portrait packages, and contact information.

Dsc 9313

Meet Emiliana – @emiliana24_

Senior Portrait Photographer

Dsc 9333
Dsc 9327
High School Graduation

Thank you to Express for sponsoring this shoot by providing outfits for these young women to wear. It is brands such as Express which supports the youth that I full support and gives me a reason to completely love the fashion world.

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