Shopping Guide for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Guide

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Guide

Amazon Prime Day is here! Throughout today and tomorrow, Amazon Prime members will be able to shop exclusive deals that you may not see for the rest of the year. This two day event includes everything from home decor to baby essentials to technology to fashion and everything in between.

I have been a prime member since my sophomore year of college (so, as of now about 8ish years), which is pretty much the entire time that Amazon Prime has been available. There are so many benefits of being a prime member including access to prime video (movies that you can stream for free), music, their wardrobe subscription, and free 2-day shipping.

If you currently are not an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can subscribe today and still shop the sale. You can pay early for about $130 or you can pay monthly for about $13. The yearly plan ends up costing you less in the long run, but if you can’t drop that huge amount right now, you can sign up for the monthly and then always change it to the whole year later.

In my opinion, this is the best time to stock up for technology and wardrobe pieces, but there are still great sales in every other category. An additional great thing about shopping this sale is that with the Prime membership, you’ll get your picks sooner than later because of the free two day shipping. So, if you haven’t burned all of your funds on the Nordstrom sale, definitely make sure that you take advantage of this sale!

I’ve rounded up some top picks from various categories for you to easily shop the sale over the next two days. Currently, I’m shopping tech sales and baby essentials to update our home and get ready for baby.





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