Should You Say Yes? – Getting Engaged

Should You Say Yes

Should You Say Yes

We’ve come upon that season – engagement season. As you scroll down your timeline you cant help but notice your various friends and acquaintances posting pictures of their engagement rings, creating engagement photo albums, and announcing a wedding date for those they are inviting to “save that date”. And if you have been in a relationship for a period of time, you have start to ask yourself: “Why haven’t I been proposed to?” or “Do I really want to marry the person that am with?”.

Recently, my boyfriend and I went and picked out an engagement ring and put a down payment on the first installment. His goal is to pay it off by the time he is ready to propose. Of course, I was excited about the notion of being an engaged woman by the end of the year, but every once and awhile I have hesitancy.

I began asking myself the question of: “Should I Say Yes?” When he decides that he is ready and gets down on one knee, should this be the man that I decide to spend the rest of my life with as divorce is not an option for me. I began to make a list of questions that I felt were essential for me to have the answers to and if I didn’t have the answers or the answers were not ones that made me feel secure in the relationship then maybe we need more time to figure this out or we just aren’t meant to be.

Some of the questions I thought to ask myself were:

What are his habits and am I open to accepting them?
Could I live forever with this person? 
What are his morals and do they agree with mine?
Do we communicate effectively and how to we handle conflict? Is it healthy? 

I asked myself these questions in order to determine whether we are compatible. Life is easy when you are simply dating and you get time off from one another, but when you enter into that big commitment and become a married couple, there is no time office – you are with this person through the good times and the bad.

Now, don’t think that I am thinking these things because I am certainly questioning whether I am going to marry my boyfriend. When he is ready, I believe that I am going to say yes. I love this man and I know  he loves me. Those questions that I asked myself are all positive and I know that we have more growing to do as a couple. But every day with us is another day of learning about one another.

We have been together for two years now, and though to some it may seem like a long time, but it honestly isn’t. I am still learning about his ticks and his habits and his likes and dislikes and within every discovery my love for him doesn’t waver.

But if you are at the same relationship point that I am, make sure you consider the essential questions while basking in the excitement of engagement. And if you aren’t at that point yet, don’t get sad because you’re single or just beginning a relationship – relish in the fact that you are at a point in your life where you are happy and comfortable.

Honestly, that is the main goal of like itself – be happy and be comfortable with yourself and your life.

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