Backstage with Sight and Sound Ministries with Katie Miller

How To Establish Strong Branding 2

The pandemic hit the world hard. It forced us to change the way we live and how we interact with each other. It was a difficult time for everyone. But we persevered through the pandemic.

We found new ways to connect with each other. We supported each other through hard times. We showed each other that we could get through anything – together.

In this episode, we talk with Katie Miller of Sight & Sound as she shares about their current product DAVID and how they have persevered through the pandemic and have grown to share the teachings of the Bible with more people around the world.  Katie Miller is the oldest grandchild of Sight & Sound’s founders, Katie first stepped onto the stage when she was four years old, making her the first member of the family’s third generation to be a part of the ministry. Throughout her 30-year tenure Katie has served in various capacities within the company, including human resources, marketing, and business development.

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How To Establish Strong Branding
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