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One style tip that I give every holiday season when it comes to putting together outfits for the holidays and New Year’s Eve is to keep things simple. In many cases, the simplest of looks tend to be the ones that stand out among the rest. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the glitter and the glitz, but, in my opinion, having it tamed and not over the top makes the glitter pop a lot more than if it’s everywhere. And let’s think about it, if you’re in a sea of everyone wearing sparkles, the person without all of the sparkles is going to stand out. As you’re finalizing your plans for any holiday and New Year’s Eve gatherings, whether they be in person or virtually, you don’t want to spend days stressing about what you’re going to wear and what your outfit is supposed to look like.

Many of us tend to lean towards getting sequined or glittered dress that is very prominent and on-trend during this season, but sometimes, you may want to go a little simpler. The reason why is because either you’re going to be a part of a large group that is wearing glittery dresses, or you’re going to end up searching for a dress in your size that is not available because it is sold out practically everywhere.

So instead, go simplistic, as it’s easier to shop, it will stand out, and you’ll have pieces that you can wear throughout the year for other occasions instead of just wearing them for the holiday season.

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For my holiday look, I decided to only have a little glitz. I was able to get a comfortable pair of black velvet pants with gemmed buttons. The pants are stretchy, which is great because I love to eat, and it’s also a pair of pants that I can wear on other occasions. And then to complement it and not take anything away from it, I wore the pants with a white bodysuit to keep the focus on the pants themselves.

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