Spring Outfit Hack for the Changing Weather

Pink Midi Dress
Midi Dress And Crop Top

Yesterday, we had temperatures in the upper 60s. Today, back down in the lower 50s. The drastic change in temperature has my allergies all crazy as well as my closet in such disarray. I have been putting off changing out my closet from the cold weather clothes to the warm weather clothes because of the fluctuating temperatures. I know I’m not the only one dealing with this bi-polar weather, and like me, you may be asking yourself what do you wear during this point in the season. I want to share with you the go-to spring outfit hack that has allowed me to get through this season and rock my favorite spring outfits, and what is great about it, the style is a hot trend.



Pink Midi Dress

Layering has always been the best thing to do in every season, but most greatly in the cold weather seasons. During the in-between times, layers come in handy when you are able to easily shed a layer other than just wearing a jacket.

Most of us love wearing jackets with a spring outfit. I, for one, and huge on wearing moto jackets during the spring season. They are so trendy and super versatile. But I don’t have a huge stockpile of moto jackets and I don’t want to fill my closet with handfuls of different styles of jackets. Instead, I advocate for building your closet with pieces that allow you to layer but also allow you to create different looks.

For those who love wearing dresses, like me, this layering tip is going to be great for you. What you’ll want to first do is to go out and buy a collection of different type of long-sleeved crop tops in some basic colors and a few with a little pizzaz. To cover your basics, make sure you have one in each of the three main basic colors: black, white, and gray.

You can wear these tops with your spring style dresses in these various ways:

  • Put the crop top over the dress and make it look as if you have a high waisted skirt on. Leave it with or without a belt depending on what style you’re going for.
  • Put the crop under the dress. I’m huge on doing this with dresses that are strapless. It creates a look that makes it seem as if the dress and the top are one piece.

With both of these ways, you can easily shed the top and wear the dress solo if it gets warmer in the middle of the day. This spring outfit hack is my favorite and an immediate go-to for every season.

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