How to Save Lots of Money at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You may have heard the big news already about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If not, well, I’m here to tell you all about it. First, let me give you a short rundown.

This sale is one of the biggest sales of the year. You can purchase many brand name and luxury items for almost 70% off. For example, last year, I purchases a Kate Spade handbag for under $100. You can’t do that too often.

Now, at the time that you are reading this, early access has been granted those who are apart of the Nordstrom Rewards program. Currently, I am not a part of the program. There are many benefits of becoming a member such as gaining points which leads to notes (aka money to make purchases at Nordstrom), and you get early access to the anniversary sale. I like to take my chances and wait, but if you want early access then here are your options for becoming  a member.

1 – Become a part of Nordstrom Rewards by opening a Nordstrom Credit Card.

  • Nordstrom offers two options for credit cards. You can get one solely for Nordstrom purchases and Nordstrom purchases only, or you can get a VISA Nordstrom credit card and be able to make purchases at any store and still gain points.

2 – Nordstrom Rewards Debit Card

  • This is a free option that doesn’t mean you get a credit card. You basically link your bank account to this debit card, and any purchases you make at Nordstrom are taken directly from your own personal checking account.


I will admit that I have been considering the second option since it is not a credit card, and I honestly don’t want one. But I am still holding off for a bit.

For those who do not want to become a part of Nordstrom Rewards and become a cardholder, you’ll be like me and waiting until July 22nd when the sale opens for the rest of the public.

Okay, so now that you have an understanding of what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is, now it is time to shop. And because it is Shop & Save Sunday, I have rounded up for you a collection of items (all organized and pretty) that are all under $50! Well, with one item being the splurge item in each section because what better time is there to splurge then when a sale is happening.

So get yourselves ready! It’s time to shop!




(these are actually under $100, shoes are meant to be splurged on)



There are so many great pieces at the Nordstom Anniversary sale. You can shop in store or online. What I recommend is that if you can, you shop in store first. This will allow you to try on things and make sure everything fits and looks the way that you want it to.

For the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, when you go to the store, make sure to bring your list so you know exactly where you are going. Lists help me to shop on a budget because I am not buying absolutely everything, but I am finding and buying the items that I actually want and need for my wardrobe.

What items are you excited to buy for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Are you sticking to only under $50 pieces or are you splurging? Tell me about your wishlist.

Also, after you shop the sale, come back and tell me what great finds that you found! I am excited to hear about them!

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