Find Your Essentials Without Spending So Much $$ at Savers Thrift Store

Savers Thrift Store Norriton
Savers Thrift Store Norriton

First, I want to tell you some great news — I’m moving! My fiance and I just got approved for our very first apartment. This will be my first apartment outside of college and living with my family. With all the excitement around our new spot, my fiance and I realized that we need to start gathering items to put in our new home and we are starting at Savers Thrift Store. Of course, my first thought was about how we are going to afford all of the things we need. We need to furnish an entire apartment because we literally have nothing for our home except the clothes that we wear.

After we began making a list of all the items that we needed for our home, I started looking for where we could get them and how much we were willing to spend. It was apparent that many of the items that we need are listed on our registry, but with us moving in November, we can’t wait until April to get all of the items for our place. The budget got really tight and I realized it was time to look at places where I could get the things we needed without breaking the bank. That’s when I was introduced to Savers – a thrift store super chain that carries everything that anyone could possibly need.

Savers Thrift Store Women
Savers Thrift Store Clothing
Savers Thrift Store

I visited the East Norriton Savers location with my shopping buddy – my nephew – and we started with the women’s fashion section to search for any pieces that I need for the fall season. There were tons of items that we could of purchased, and each item was in marvelous condition.

As a budget shopper, I went into the store with a specific $50 budget to stretch out to purchase the items that I needed. So, after picking out a few clothing items for consideration, I put them back and went to the Home Goods section in order to get the items that my fiance and I specifically needed for our home.

Savers Home

The home goods section at the East Norriton Savers thrift store had exactly what I needed for our new apartment. In the section, I found kitchen items, home decor, and everything in between. Honestly, it would be a shorter list to include what items that I didn’t find, which was close to nothing.

After letting my little shopping buddy make some executive decisions, I left the store with a 24 piece dining set, a tea kettle, and two canvas photos to decorate our home office with. I couldn’t believe it. With only $50, I was able to purchase all of these items, and honestly, I didn’t even spend the full $50 – just slightly under it.


Overall, my experience at Savers thrift store was absolutely marvelous. I know I will be visiting there more often to find more items for our apartment as we need them.

And another great thing about the store, is that the store always keeps with the season. For example, this month, they have Halloween items out to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

So, why are you still sitting here reading this? There are 330 locations across North America meaning there is definitely one near you. So, go! Head there now! There are tons of items that are just waiting for you.

Thank you to Savers for partnering with me on this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

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