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I exude a lot of confidence, but there are many things that I criticize myself over. One of the things is my smile.

I’ve been struggling with my teeth since I was a child. When my baby teeth began falling out and my adult teeth began growing in, my smile turned from showing all teeth to barely wanting to open my mouth. My teeth grew in, in every direction other than straight. So in middle school, my parents sent me to the orthodontist, and for many years I had braces.

Those braces worked. My teeth straightened out and I began to gain back a lot of confidence. But I was a teenager. I didn’t follow directions and didn’t wear my retainer. So, because of my choices, my teeth shifted and now my teeth are not aligned like they used to be.

Throughout my college years, I went back to smiling without showing much teeth or just making sure the pictures were taken far off so you couldn’t see my smile flaw. My smile was lowering my confidence, and I realized that I needed to do something about it – just no longer on my parent’s dime.

After college, around the time I started planning my wedding, I looked into getting my teeth straightened. I went to orthodontists in my area who provided me with pricing for Invisalign and braces – those prices…OVER 6K! I didn’t and don’t have that type of money – I mean, I’m planning a wedding. So after getting multiple pricing from various orthodontists, I threw in the towel and accepted that I would have to live with this smile and suffer through the consequences of my teenage decisions.

There were so many pictures that I looked at and thought…”Gosh, I’m going to have to fake smile at my wedding. This sucks.” But then I received an email, and I was introduced to Smile Direct Club.

Smile Direct Club is a digital brand that specifically focuses on your smile. They build custom invisible aligners to help you get along on your smile journey to improve your smile for 3x lower the price than other methods and in the time only needed for your specific need.

This is just what I needed and more than I could have asked for, so I joined the club and have started out on my smile journey. Check out my journey and experience so far and learn how you can start on your own journey.

Smile Shop

There are multiple ways to start off on your smile journey, and both are so convenient and not time consuming.

I’ll share the at-home method at the end of this post, but I want to share with you the choice that I made and that was going to Smile Direct Club’s Smile Shop that just opened in Philadelphia.

If you’re like me and have a fear of doing certain things yourself such as taking impressions then the Smile Shop is the place for you to go. All you have to do is make a quick appointment for a time that is convenient for you, and then head into the shop and have digital impressions of your teeth taken.

When I arrived at the Philadelphia Smile Shop, I was greeted by one of the technicians who quickly and efficiently went over my information and verified information that I had already provided online. Remember, that these consultations are FREE. There is no commitment that you have to make for these digital impressions. They just take them to see what type of plan you would need and if Smile Direct Club is fit for you.

After verifying my information, the technician started on my digital impressions. She took a few pictures to get a real-life look of my teeth to send to the experts and then began on creating the digital impressions. For the process, they use a little “picture stick” (you can see it attached to the machine in my pictures) that they press against your teeth. It is non-invasive and feels like a relaxing buzzing massage for your teeth.

The entire process takes no more than 20 minutes. And at the end, there is a full digital view of my smile.

At the end, the Smile Direct Club technician went over my smile with me, talked about my preferences, and told me what the next steps would be.

The total amount of time that I spent at the Smile Direct Club Smile shop was about 4o minutes. And that was because I attended during an event where I had food and drinks and talked a bunch to others getting their digital impressions taken. So, I could have been out of there in 25 minutes at the most if I wanted an in-and-out experience.

Img 4371 Img 4372 Smileshop

Smile Direct Club has a variety of Smile Shops around the country and they are opening more throughout the next few months. You can head here to see whether there is a Smile Shop near you and make an appointment to get your FREE consultation and digital impressions.

If there is not a Smile Shop near you, then don’t worry, you do have other options.

Smile Direct Club gives you the option to start off your smile journey in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is head to and take your Smile Assessment to see if you qualify for invisible aligners. Once you fill out your information, you’ll be sent an impression kit. This kit does have a cost, but because you are joining me and going on a smile journey, you can get your impression kit 50% off by using code: LESHASMILES.

The impression kit comes with everything you see below along with instructions on completing the impressions and sending them back in for the experts to evaluate your smile.

Img 4344

After you have sent your impressions in, whether you do them yourself at home or you go to a Smile Shop, you’ll receive a digital video of your smile plan and how it is going to go. Then, you’ll have the option to join the club and start off on your smile journey.

My smile plan arrived to my inbox within two weeks and right then, I joined the club. My invisible aligners are currently in production and will be arriving to me within the next few weeks. And I’m ready for them! I already know the rules of the digital aligners and I already know my entire smile plan.

I’m excited to start off on my smile journey and I’m excited that this smile journey is only costing about $1500 versus the $6k that was originally priced for me.

I can’t wait to keep sharing with you all my smile journey and showing you what my teeth look like at the end of this journey.

Now that you’re sitting there thinking about starting yours, head over to Smile Direct Club to make an appointment for a Smile Shop visit or to get your impression kit for 50% off with discount code: LESHASMILES.

Sponsored Post: Thank you to Smile Direct Club for partnering with and allowing me to join the club. The experience, opinions, and smile are 100% my own.

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