How to Stay Safe in Public During COVID

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Though we are still amidst a pandemic, the world is opening up and we are all looking to find a new sense of normal. It’s going to be super interesting to see how the entire world changes in relation to travel, gatherings, and how we are all going to be social. Like many others, I’m not super comfortable heading back into the world but I am doing small things here and there that are outside of the house. You may already be one of the people who are getting ready to head back to work, but that’s slightly different than heading out into openly public areas. If you’re ready to head out, but you’re still not quite sure what to do, it’s okay and maybe that’s why you’re here reading this. So on that note, I want to share with you some of the things that my family and I are doing to keep ourselves comfortable and safe in public places during coronavirus.


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Wear a Face Mask

You’ve probably heard this suggestion time and time again. And to be honest, many stores require you to wear one if you are coming into the store. If you’re out and about, try to make sure you’re wearing your mask to not only protect yourself from others but to also protect others as well. It’s known fact that there are individuals out there who are asymptomatic (carrying the virus with no symptoms) and you could possibly be one. So it’s best for everyone to continue wearing masks so that we can move forward and not go into another spike and end up back in lockdown.

Constantly Clean Your Hands and Surfaces You Touch

When touching anything, try to make sure that the surface is cleaned. Many stores are actively cleaning carts, checkout areas, handles, doors, tables…but you also want to make sure that after you touch it that you clean your hands before touching any other areas. My husband and I continually wash our hands even when we don’t leave the house, and then when we do, we don’t touch anything else until we wash our hands and then we clean off the surfaces that we have touched such as doorknobs and the steering wheel.

Try to Avoid Large Crowds

I especially get the want to gather together in social gatherings. My son has his first birthday coming up in a couple of months, and we aren’t the type of family that likes to throw small parties. But for the sake of everyone, we know we have to minimize it and keep the group small and make sure that no one who feels sick attends. The best thing to do is to keep it to a decent size, try to make it an outdoor gathering, and spread apart. We are planning an outdoor BBQ party and are putting together a layout so that people aren’t all sitting right next to each other and are spread out as much as possible.

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Stick to Take-Out (or Outdoor Dining)

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked to stay safe in public during coronavirus by taking advantage of take-out ordering. The majority of restaurants are offering great take-out menus and will deliver your food curbside so that you don’t have to go into the store. This has been super convenient for us because we are addicted to some of our local restaurants and it also gives us the ability to be able to get in the car, roll down the windows, and take our little man for a drive so that he can get some fresh air. If your in real need to get out of the house, restaurants are offering outdoor dining even if they didn’t have it before. Just make sure to bring your face mask and wipe down those surfaces.

Shop Online

If you need to buy anything, try to shop online as much as possible – even for your groceries. I have been taking advantage of every possibility to shop online and do curbside if I need whatever I’m buying quickly, or I have been making sure to shop early enough so that it gives plenty of time for things to ship. There have been some delays with shipping, but it hasn’t been too severe, and if there’s something I need quickly, I can usually do an online order and pick-up quickly instore which gives me the ability to stay safe in public during coronavirus. This will save you the time of having to stand in lines around other people and walking around touching other surfaces.

 Public Gatherings During Coronavirus
Gatherings During Coronavirus
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