Best Step2 Toys for Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

Step2 Toys

With the holiday season here and with so many options of what you can get for you toddler all over the shelves, you may be trying to determine what exactly you should get. Well, I’m here to recommend Step2 Toys. Step2 has been a brand that I have been shopping for my son since he was an infant. There are so many great and fun toys for children at great prices which makes it easy to find just the toy that you child is looking for an wants.

Each year, I take the time to look through all of the Step2 toys to figure out what would be the best toys to get for my son each holiday season. And this year, I rounded up quite a few options of great toys to get for a toddler that they’ll be delighted to unwrap right on Christmas morning.

So, if you’re still trying to figure out what to get your toddler this holiday season, just check out these top Step2 toys to shop for you little one.

Step2 Toys Holiday Gifting



Step2 Ride Along Scooter

If your child is anything like my child, he or she may love going outside just to be outside. This ride along scooter is great for keeping your preschooler busy and active whether you’re outside in the driveway or walking along the sidewalk. When giving it for Christmas, just put a little bow on top as if you are giving your child a new car for Christmas.


Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Table

This splash pond table is great for preschoolers who love to get their hands wet. The interactive toys contains the water for little to no spill while also giving a fun area to play with their friends. If you are considering having them use it indoors, it’s a great toy to put on a mat in the garage while you wait for it warm up outside and give your child a nice outdoor activity.


Step2 Downtown Delights Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are a fan favorite for preschoolers and this kitchen is a great one for little ones to interactive with and have tons a fun playing as if they are cooking the next meal. This is a great gift to pair with a child’s table for your child not only to make dinner in their kitchen but also set the table at their play table and serve their friends.


Step2 Little Helpers Shopping Cart

For the little ones that always like to help, this is a great gift for your preschooler. It’s small enough to pack along and take with you to the grocery store to let your preschooler also help with the shopping, and it’s also great to pair along with the play kitchen and play table so that your child can pretend that he or she did the shopping and made dinner.


Step2 Up and Down Roller Coaster

If you have a little space in your home or if you’re looking for another great outdoor activity, this roller coaster is another great gift for your preschooler. With easy assembly, your child and roll up and down over these little hills and valleys while giggling throughout the entire ride.

Step2 Toys
Step2 Toys Christmas Gift
Step2 Toys Christmas Gifting
Step 2 Toys Holiday Gifting
Step2 Toys Holiday Gift

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Step2 has tons of great toys for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and older children, so it’s a great brand to shop as your child moves through each stage of development. Each interactive toys gives your child the ability to learn, expand their creativity, and allow them to enjoy themselves while having tons of fun. Below, I’ve rounded up a few more amazing Step2 toys to shop for your preschooler this holiday season.

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Step2 Toys Ride Scooter
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