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Finding A Scholarship Scaled

This post is sponsored by Thrivent Student Resources. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Finding A Scholarship

There is so much to talk about when it comes to student finances. Whether you are about to prepare to head into your undergraduate career or whether you are an individual looking to extend your education and work towards another degree, we all worry about the same thing. Planning for your education, or even the education of your child, can be a daunting task. And honestly, many teenagers heading into college don’t even think about the result of the debt they are digging themselves into as they head into their first few years of their college career. I know I didn’t know much, and I wish that I had. Recently, I was introduced to Thrivent Student Resources and became so excited about the resource that I knew that I had to share it.

As not only a teacher who teaches students about to graduate high school and possibly head out into their first 2-4 years of college, but also as an individual planning to pursue a graduate school degree, Thrivent Student Resources is a tool that I wish that I had when I first went to college. And also a tool that I am excited exists right now in this moment, so that many of us can take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Let me first give a brief background and overview of Thrivent Student Resources. This online resource center existed since the beginning of 2018. The goal of the resource and all the tools that it includes is for student to graduate without student debt. We are a big debt crisis – especially when it comes to student debt – and they, with their New School Mindset, are providing the tools, plans and various resources to make sure that you can graduate without having to worry about paying back any money for the education that you just received.

The site includes articles, resources such as calculators and schedulers, and various tools to set yourself up for success. No need to be sitting in classes like I was thinking about whether the degree that you are pursuing is actually going to allow you to pay back all the debt you are accruing by sitting in that class. Believe me, it will drive you crazy.

By signing up for the Thrivent Student Resources, you will join a community of others pursuing their educational goals whether you will be able to discover the cost of the school that you are trying to attend, figure out how to choose the right lender, search for scholarships and apply for them, and even create crowd fund campaign to start putting away money for the degree you are looking to gain.

In the video below, I am sharing some of the biggest questions that many students have, along with the things that I wish I knew when I was pursuing my first degree, and how Thrivent Student Resources is helping me to not only to plan out for my next degree, but also giving me the tools to still buy a house, go on international adventures, and pay back the student debt that I already have fast.

Student Loan Prep

Thrivent Student Resource Plan

P.S. I’m sure you’ve heard it from time to time, but my southern accent still likes to pop up and have me pronounce things in ways that are not fully correct. Thrivent is pronounced with a long ‘ i ‘ – kind of like my legal name…Iesha – “eye-E-she”. And just like me, Thrivent gets that mispronunciation all the time, but they also, like me, like people to know how to correctly say it.

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