How to Balance Style and Function

How To Balance Style And Function In An Express Outfit
How To Balance Style And Function With A Weekend Outfit

With the winter being as brutal as it is this year, we are getting a good amount of snowfall at least every other week. And that means that there needs to be a change-up for the wardrobe. When the snow is not falling, it is pretty easy to put on any type of closed toe shoe and long-sleeved outfit. But with the snow, you’ll have to plan your outfit accordingly. That means that we have to dress so that our winter outfit is not only stylish, but also functional.

I’m not one for wearing snow boots everywhere when it comes to my winter outfit. Even though that pair that I have are super cute, they just don’t go with every outfit. And nobody likes to feel like they need to carry two pairs of shoes around all day.

There are a few stylish tips that you can adopt into you winter wardrobe planning that are completely easy and you’re probably already doing some. One is making sure that you’re layering our pieces.

The second is all about the shoes. We all love to wear those embroidered shoes or the OTK boots with the suede fabric, but they just aren’t as functional in the snow, and they are very hard to clean once they are dirtied up by the salt. Look for shoes with hard soles and easily cleaned fabric. And yes, just because your UGGs say they have a cleaner, doesn’t mean they are meant for the snow. Find shoes that last through being cleaned a few times, or even better, find shoes that are water-resistant. Those shoes won’t get dirty too easily, but you’ll still have to clean them a bit.

Once the snow melts, you can go back to your favorite pair of shoes, but keep the layering for the warmth.


Balancing Style And Function Weekend Outfit
Weekend Outfit
How To Balance Style And Function In An Express Outfit
How To Balance Style In An Express Outfit
Express Outfit
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